Hello everyone, in the music industry, Kazuhiroko-san, who had been active as an actress and retired from show business after marrying Kazu-san, is now supporting her family and Kazuhiro-san’s success. However, rumors have surfaced that she is ill. Let’s take a look at Kazuhiroko-san’s current situation before discussing her illness. But first, let’s start by looking at Kazuhiroko-san’s career leading up to her retirement from the entertainment industry. Kazuhiroko-san made her debut in the entertainment industry around 1982. She won the Miss Liver title the previous year and it seems that she aimed to become an actress with the introduction of a friend who was a director. She continued to study acting for a year and made her official debut in 1983 in the NHK drama “Ha no To”. In 1984, she won the Japan Academy Award for Best Newcomer Actor for her role in the film “Keshou”. After that, Kazuhiroko-san appeared in various TV dramas and films, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Despite her wide range of activities as an actress, Kazuhiroko-san announced her engagement to Tsuki Hiroyuki in 1988, and retired from the entertainment industry after their marriage the following year. After retiring, she became the representative director of Tsuki Promotion, Tsuki Hiroyuki’s management company, and continues to support her family while supporting Tsuki Hiroyuki’s success. We have looked at Kazuhiroko-san’s career leading up to her retirement from the entertainment industry, but now let’s take a closer look at her background and her marriage to Tsuki Hiroyuki. There have been rumors that Kazuhiroko-san comes from a wealthy family, but what kind of family did she grow up in? Also, she and Tsuki Hiroyuki had a luxurious wedding, which attracted a lot of attention at the time. Let’s start by looking at Kazuhiroko-san’s family background. It has been rumored that Kazuhiroko-san comes from a wealthy family, and it seems that her alma mater has something to do with it. Kazuhiroko-san’s alma mater is Kora Girls’ School, a girls’ school in Japan. Several celebrities, including Tetsuko Kuroyanagi and Katsura Iriza, have graduated from this school. Kora Girls’ School was established by the British Empire Women’s Association and is known as a school affiliated with the Japan Success Society. The current annual tuition for the first year of this school is about 1 million yen, which is about the same as the total tuition for three years of a public high school. Considering the tuition fees and other factors, one might think that Kazuhiroko-san’s family is wealthy. Tsuki Hiroyuki has revealed an anecdote that suggests that Kazuhiroko-san’s family was wealthy. It seems that Kazuhiroko-san knows more about classical music than Tsuki Hiroyuki, so one might wonder if she came from a wealthy family. To investigate Kazuhiroko-san’s background, there were rumors that she was of Korean descent. However, I must clarify that she is indeed a Japanese national. The reason why this rumor arose is because Tsuki Hiroyuki’s father is of Korean descent and worked as a mining engineer. Tsuki Hiroyuki’s original name is Ryo, and it was a Korean name. Therefore, some misunderstood that Kazuhiroko-san was also of Korean descent. However, it was later revealed that her real name is Kazuko Matsuyama, and she has obtained Japanese citizenship. Kazuhiroko-san married Tsuki Hiroyuki in May 1989, and even though she was at the peak of her popularity, she retired from show business. The engagement was announced in 1988, on Tsuki Hiroyuki’s 40th birthday, and the couple planned to have a wedding ceremony in October of that year. However, they decided to wait until the end of Emperor Showa’s mourning period and held the wedding ceremony on May 31, the first year of the Heisei era, with their child. The couple first met while working together in a play called “Iriguchi no Nai Heya” and fell in love. Tsuki Hiroyuki even gave Kazuhiroko-san a love letter, which expressed his feelings for her. This love letter led to their courtship, and Kazuhiroko-san supported Tsuki Hiroyuki by visiting him in the hospital when he underwent a medical examination and even bringing him homemade inari sushi. It seems that Kazuhiroko-san’s dedication influenced Tsuki Hiroyuki, and their relationship progressed quickly. They were engaged after only two months of dating. There must have been something that attracted them to each other greatly. Pictures of Kazuhiroko-san kissing Tsuki Hiroyuki were also released, and their engagement announcement was also a surprise. However, the most talked-about event was their wedding reception. It was said to have cost 500 million yen, which was the highest amount ever recorded in the entertainment industry at the time. Even today, it is rare to hear of a wedding reception on such a scale, but at that time, it must have been a big surprise for the public. After their marriage, Kazuhiroko-san and Tsuki Hiroyuki had three children together. The first child is a boy named Daisuke Matsuyama. There is no detailed information or profile available, but after graduating from a university in Tokyo, he worked for Universal Music Group, the world’s largest music company, in Hong Kong. It seems that he is involved in artist development and has experience studying abroad, including English. Tsuki Hiroyuki is very proud of his son, who is also active in the music industry, and his son’s achievements. The second child is also a boy named Kazuki Matsuyama. After graduating from an art university in London, he made his debut as a painter in 2017. It is also said that he dropped out of university in the past. He has been active as a reader model, and during that time, he was involved in a controversy when fellow reader model Tanaka Shiho, who was underage, was suspected of drinking alcohol and smoking. It seems that Kazuki Matsuyama appeared in a photo with Tanaka Shiho when she posted a picture on her Twitter account that seemed to show her drinking and smoking. Tanaka Shiho was a student at Aoyama Gakuin University, and this incident led to her withdrawal from the university. It is said that Kazuki Matsuyama was also enrolled at Aoyama Gakuin University, but there are suspicions that he did not actually attend the university, based on the fact that he claims in his profile that he graduated from a vocational art school from the age of 16. In any case, there is no doubt that there was a problem with underage drinking and smoking at that time. The third child is a girl named Kanako Matsuyama. She is living a private life as a member of the general public, but her name became known when she appeared in the media. Kanako Matsuyama graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University in 2018. She is considered to be a very beautiful person and has an active life, but it is unclear if she has any intentions of entering the entertainment industry. In 2011, Kazuhiroko-san and her daughter appeared as guests at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 special event as a mother-daughter duo. At that time, she revealed that she was in her second year of high school and 16 years old. When asked if she wanted to enter the entertainment industry in the future, she firmly denied it and said that she had no intention of doing so. It seemed that she focused on her studies and did not want to pursue a career in show business. Currently, Kanako Matsuyama has graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University and has the experience of studying abroad. She is said to be working for a general company and got married in 2021. On the March 17, 2022 episode of the TV Asahi show “Heya” hosted by Kazuhiroko-san, she revealed her feelings about her daughter’s marriage. She expressed that there were times when she thought she would never let her daughter get married, but now she can rest assured that her daughter has a family of her own. Tsuki Hiroyuki also shared his thoughts on his son’s marriage at an event held in 2019. He announced that his eldest son, Daisuke Matsuyama, had gotten married and that his first grandchild had been born. The audience responded with a big applause. It must have been a great joy to become a grandfather for the first time. Now let’s move on to the rumors about Kazuhiroko-san’s illness that are currently circulating. When we look into these rumors, it turns out that they are not just rumors of an ordinary illness, but speculations about a serious and rare disease. This has caused concerns and anxiety about her health. Let’s explore whether Kazuhiroko-san is really suffering from a serious illness. First, let’s delve into the reason why there are rumors about her illness in the first place. It seems that one of the reasons might be her age. Kazuhiroko-san is currently 64 years old, and at that age, the risk of developing illnesses increases. Additionally, there are some diseases that are more likely to manifest at a later age, such as rare and complex diseases. Since we haven’t seen Kazuhiroko-san in the media since her retirement, and she is approaching her sixties, there have been speculations that she might be suffering from a rare disease and is in seclusion. However, when I searched for information about Kazuhiroko-san’s illness, I found that there is no evidence or information suggesting that she is suffering from any kind of serious or rare disease. It seems that the rumors were simply based on her age and absence from the media. In October 2019, Kazuhiroko-san and Tsuki Hiroyuki appeared on TV Asahi’s “Heya” and talked about their daily life together. At the time, they had been married for 31 years, and Kazuhiroko-san, who is also the president of Tsuki Promotion and a certified lawyer, took care of all the scheduling and arrangements. She even accompanied him to the hospital for a medical examination and prepared homemade inari sushi for him. It was revealed that she is supportive and dedicated to her husband’s well-being. In their private life, the couple finds relaxation and joy spending time with their two dogs, Chacha and Momo. During their holidays, they enjoy leisurely walks with their dogs, and Kazuhiroko-san also ensures their well-being by only immersing them up to their bellies in the bathtub to prevent them from getting too cold. Tsuki Hiroyuki mentioned that he has been doing this for decades as part of his daily routine to maintain his physical and vocal strength. Although he knows that someday he will retire from singing, he wants to continue his career for as long as possible. He also mentioned that he records his weight on a calendar every day and manages his weight, using this practice to maintain his powerful and beautiful singing voice. Tsuki Hiroyuki expressed his gratitude towards Kazuhiroko-san for her support and love throughout their marriage. He said that he would not have been able to achieve what he has without her and that he cherishes her presence in his life. It is apparent that Kazuhiroko-san is still vibrant and actively supporting her husband. She was even reported to have participated in marathon events organized by Tsuki Hiroyuki, demonstrating her current well-being. In conclusion, we have looked back at Kazuhiroko-san’s past and examined her current situation. It is clear that she is still in good health and her marriage with Tsuki Hiroyuki remains strong. Although we rarely see her in the media since her retirement, it is evident that she continues to support Tsuki Hiroyuki and their family as a valuable member. 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  • 女優のかず裕子さんは結婚を機に芸能界を引退し、家庭や伊浩さんの活動を支える役割を果たしている。
  • かず裕子さんは病気の噂が浮上しており、年齢やメディアでの姿見せないことから難病ではないかと噂されている。
  • かず裕子さんは芸能界引退まで幅広く活躍し、特に1984年に出演した映画『化粧』で新人俳優賞を受賞したことがある。
  • かず裕子さんの実家はお金持ちの噂があり、かず裕子さんの出身校もお金持ちの子女が通う学校である。
  • 伊浩さんとの結婚式は5億円規模の豪華なもので、芸能界最高額を記録していた。
  • かず裕子さんと伊浩さんの間には3人の子供が誕生しており、長男の松山大輔さんは業界で活躍している。
  • かず裕子さんの病気の噂は根拠がなく、現在も元気で夫婦の関係も良好である。





















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