Linda Color∞: Rinappippi’s “Down There” Woes, Shockingly Reveals Plastic Surgery Truth – Speechless Over Members’ Concerns

Source: 「リンダカラー∞」りなぴっぴの“アソコ”の悩み、自ら告白した整形の真相に驚きを隠せない…メンバーについてもらした不安に言葉を失う/ネットニュースラボ(


Renowned YouTuber Linda Color∞ opens up about her intimate struggles, candidly revealing the truth behind her plastic surgery. As fans express concern over the well-being of the group, this exclusive tell-all promises to captivate and intrigue.
  • Linda Color Infinity is a comedy trio under Watanabe Entertainment, consisting of members Rena Pippi, Deko, and Rina.
  • Rena Pippi, the focus of this article, is known for her cute appearance and unique career path, including working at ramen shops and hookah bars before joining the comedy group.
  • Rena Pippi was a passionate fan of Linda Color before joining the group, and her persistence in asking Deko to let her join was a key factor in her becoming a member.
  • Rena Pippi has faced some personal struggles, including anxiety about her role in the group, and has been open about undergoing cosmetic procedures like Botox to achieve her small face.
  • Despite her initial nervousness, Rena Pippi has grown more comfortable on stage and has even achieved success, such as being a runner-up in a comedy competition.

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The Rise of Rina Pippi: From Passionate Fan to Beloved Performer

Rina Pippi’s Early Life and Passion for Rinda Color

Rina Pippi, whose real name is rumored to be Rina Okuyama, was born on October 2, 1998, in Yamagata Prefecture. From a young age, she was a devoted fan of the comedy duo Rinda Color, particularly captivated by the charismatic performance of Deko. Rina’s admiration for the group led her to persistently request that Deko allow her to join the group, which eventually led to her becoming a member of Rinda Color Infinity in May 2022.

Rina Pippi’s Diverse Career Path

Before her rise to fame, Rina Pippi had a varied career journey. She worked at a ramen restaurant in her hometown, where she developed a deep love for ramen. After high school, Rina moved to Tokyo, working at various establishments, including a live music venue and a men’s apparel store. She even briefly returned to the ramen restaurant before finding employment at a hookah bar for around three years.

Rina Pippi’s Comedic Beginnings and Joining Rinda Color Infinity

In 2021, Rina Pippi was invited by a fellow comedian, Ayachin, to form a comedy duo called Love Dragons. However, this partnership was short-lived, as Ayachin decided to quit the entertainment industry. Rina’s persistence and passion for comedy eventually led her to join the renowned group Rinda Color Infinity, fulfilling her long-held dream of being part of the group she had admired for so long.

Rina Pippi’s Unique Personality and Quirks

Rina Pippi is known for her captivating appearance, with a cute and youthful look that has garnered her a significant fan following. She has also been open about her love for smoking, earning her the nickname “Tobacco Girl.” Rina’s honesty and willingness to share her personal struggles, such as her uncertainty about her role within the group, have endeared her to her fans.

Rina Pippi’s Cosmetic Procedures and Embracing Her Appearance

Rina Pippi has been transparent about her use of Botox, a cosmetic procedure that has helped enhance her natural features. She has expressed her fondness for the sensation of the needles and the resulting small face effect, showcasing her self-confidence and comfort with her appearance.

Rina Pippi’s Promising Future in the Entertainment Industry

As Rina Pippi continues to captivate audiences with her charm, talent, and unique personality, her future in the entertainment industry looks bright. Fans eagerly await her continued growth and success as a member of Rinda Color Infinity, eager to see what new heights she will reach.

Q&A: Linda Color’s Intimate Woes

Q: What is the background of Rina Pippi, the member of Linda Color Infinity?

A: Rina Pippi was originally a passionate fan of the comedy duo Linda Color. She joined the group in May 2022 and became a member of Linda Color Infinity. Prior to that, she had various jobs such as working at a ramen restaurant, a live house, and a hookah bar. She also briefly formed a comedy duo called Love Dragons with a comedian named Ayachin, but the duo disbanded after a couple of months.

Q: What is known about Rina Pippi’s personal life?

A: Rina Pippi is from Yamagata Prefecture and is rumored to have the surname Okuyama, based on her sister’s Instagram posts. She is known to be a big fan of ramen and even made pork bone broth at home. In her younger days, she was also involved in salon modeling and band activities in her local area.

Q: What are some of the interesting facts about Rina Pippi?

A: Rina Pippi is known for her cute appearance and unique personality. She has openly admitted to undergoing Botox treatments, which she enjoys due to the sensation of the needles. She is also a self-proclaimed “tobacco girl” and has appeared in videos on the “Alcohol, Tobacco, and Killing Time” YouTube channel. Additionally, her fellow Linda Color Infinity members surprised her with a birthday celebration, which revealed that she is a heavy smoker.

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