Jockey Norihiro Yokoyama and Danoondessaile Combination Triumph in the Japanese Derby! Concerns Arise After Exclusion from Satsuki Sho, but the 9th-Favorite Prevails – Yokoyama’s Candid Thoughts

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A stunning upset at the prestigious Japanese Derby as the underdog jockey-horse duo of Norihiro Yokoyama and Danon Desaile defied the odds. After a controversial exclusion from the Satsuki Sho, they roared back to clinch the coveted title, captivating the racing world. Uncover the factors behind their improbable triumph and the jockey’s candid reflections on this remarkable victory.
  • The summary focuses on the key details of the Japanese Derby race, including the performance and background of the top horses and jockeys, as well as the reactions and commentary surrounding the race.
  • The summary highlights the victory of Danon Desir, a 9th favorite horse ridden by veteran jockey Norihiro Yokoyama, who finally won his first Japanese Derby at the age of 56 after 15 previous attempts.
  • It also mentions the strong performances of other top contenders like Justinian Milano, as well as the drama surrounding Sakura Brave’s scratch from the race due to injury.
  • The summary provides insights into Yokoyama’s long-awaited Derby triumph and the significance of this achievement for the veteran jockey.
  • Overall, the summary captures the key storylines and highlights of the thrilling Japanese Derby race.

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Danondef Sail’s Historic Japan Derby Victory

Danondef Sail’s Impressive Performance

Danondef Sail, the 9th favorite, delivered a stunning performance to win the prestigious Japan Derby. Despite concerns after being scratched from the Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas) due to an injury, Danondef Sail showed his resilience and class to secure the victory. Jockey Norihiro Yokoyama expertly navigated the colt through the race, allowing him to surge past the leaders in the final stretch for a convincing win.

Yokoyama’s Long-Awaited Derby Triumph

For veteran jockey Norihiro Yokoyama, this Japan Derby victory was a long-awaited achievement. It was his third Derby win, following his previous successes with Logotype in 2009 and Wagnerian in 2014. Yokoyama’s perseverance and dedication to the sport were evident as he finally claimed the coveted Derby title at the age of 56, becoming the oldest jockey to win the prestigious race.

Reactions and Celebrations

The victory of the 9th favorite Danondef Sail surprised many, with social media abuzz with congratulatory messages for the connections. Fans praised Yokoyama’s masterful ride and the colt’s ability to overcome the odds. The win also marked a historic moment for trainer Shogo Yasuda, who secured his first Japan Derby triumph. The celebrations were undoubtedly joyous, as Yokoyama shared high-fives with his sons and the entire team savored the hard-earned success.

Danondef Sail’s Redemption and Future Prospects

Danondef Sail’s victory was a redemption story, as the colt had been scratched from the Satsuki Sho due to an injury. However, the team’s diligent care and the horse’s resilience paid off, allowing Danondef Sail to shine on the biggest stage. With this triumph, the connections have set their sights on further success, and the colt’s future looks bright as he continues to develop and showcase his impressive abilities.

Jockey Yokoyama’s Reflections and Legacy

In his post-race interview, Yokoyama remained calm and composed, reflecting on the journey that led to this historic moment. He expressed gratitude towards the team and the horse, acknowledging the challenges they had overcome. Yokoyama’s unwavering dedication and the ability to maintain his focus, even in the face of setbacks, have cemented his legacy as one of the greats in Japanese horse racing.

A Thrilling and Unpredictable Japan Derby

The 2023 Japan Derby proved to be a captivating and unpredictable event, with the victory of the 9th favorite Danondef Sail defying expectations. The race showcased the unpredictable nature of the sport, where underdogs can rise to the occasion and deliver unexpected triumphs, leaving fans and experts alike in awe of the sport’s ability to surprise and delight.

Q&A: Yokoyama’s Derby Win: Danoondessaile Triumphs

Danondef Sail and Jockey Norihiro Yokoyama’s Victory in the Japanese Derby

Danondef Sail, a 9-1 outsider, won the prestigious Japanese Derby race at Tokyo Racecourse. This was a surprise victory, as Danondef Sail had been scratched from the Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas) due to an injury concern. However, the horse and jockey Norihiro Yokoyama were able to execute a perfect race strategy to claim the Derby title.

Norihiro Yokoyama’s Quest for the Derby Title

Veteran jockey Norihiro Yokoyama finally achieved his long-awaited first Derby victory at the age of 56, on his 15th attempt. This was a remarkable accomplishment, as many legendary jockeys had struggled to win the prestigious race, including Yutaka Take and Katsumi Ando. Yokoyama’s perseverance and skill were finally rewarded with this historic victory.

Reactions to the Surprise Derby Winner

The victory of the 9-1 outsider Danondef Sail shocked many racing fans, who had expected the favored horses like Justin Milano to win. However, Yokoyama’s masterful ride and the horse’s strong finish were widely praised on social media, with fans celebrating the veteran jockey’s long-awaited Derby triumph.

Video: “Keiba” Norihiro Yokoyama and Danonn de Sairu Combination Won the Japanese Derby! Although they were “excluded from the Satsuki Stakes” and were a concern, the 9th favorite won. What were the factors behind their victory and the reactions around them? What were Norihiro Yokoyama’s true feelings?

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