The Tragic Demise of Kuru Yo: Tears Shed Over the Lonely Twilight Years and Final Moments of the Renowned Female Manzai Performer, Whose Farewell Letter and Inheritance Dispute with Teammate Ima Ikuyo’s Family Left Many Speechless

Source: 今くるよの死去の真相...孤独の晩年や最期の姿に涙が零れ落ちた...『どやさ!』で有名な女性漫才師の残した遺書内容...相方・今いくよの親族と遺産相続での訴訟問題に言葉を失う.../推しの故(


The renowned female manzai comedian, known for her catchphrase “Doyasa!”, passed away, leaving behind a heartbreaking story of her lonely final years. Her last will and testament has sparked a legal battle over her estate with her comedy partner’s family, shedding light on the bittersweet reality of her life.
  • The summary of the text focuses on the lives and careers of the female manzai comedians Ikunoyo and Kurayo, who were pioneers in the Japanese comedy scene.
  • Ikunoyo passed away in 2015 due to stomach cancer, while Kurayo continued her comedy career and even collaborated with the comedy duo Nakagawa-ke after Ikunoyo’s death.
  • The text also discusses the legal dispute between Kurayo and Ikunoyo’s family over the inheritance, which caused much controversy and debate.
  • Despite the difficulties and trials they faced, Ikunoyo and Kurayo’s light-hearted banter and humor brought laughter and joy to many people, and their legacy continues to be cherished.
  • The text emphasizes the profound bond and impact that Ikunoyo and Kurayo had on the Japanese comedy industry, and how their story has come to an end with Kurayo’s passing, but their influence and memories will live on.

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The Legacy of Ikuyo and Kurayo: Trailblazing Female Comedians

The Rise of Ikuyo and Kurayo

Ikuyo and Kurayo were a pioneering female comedy duo who rose to fame in the 1980s. Hailing from Kyoto, the two women formed their act in 1973 and quickly became known for their unique style of comedy. With their contrasting appearances – Ikuyo’s slender frame and heavy makeup, and Kurayo’s fuller figure and flamboyant costumes – the duo used their physical differences as the basis for their witty banter and physical comedy.

Accolades and Achievements

Ikuyo and Kurayo’s hard-hitting comedy routines earned them widespread acclaim, and they were awarded numerous prestigious awards, including the Kamigata Manzai Award in 1988. Their catchphrase “Doyasa!” became a beloved part of their act and was widely recognized by their fans and fellow comedians.

Overcoming Adversity

Despite their success, Ikuyo and Kurayo faced their fair share of challenges. Ikuyo’s battle with gastric cancer in the 2000s was a difficult time, but she continued to perform, drawing strength from her loyal fans. Kurayo, too, had her own health issues, suffering a heart attack in 2009 that forced her to take a break from the stage.

The Tragic Passing of Ikuyo

In 2015, tragedy struck when Ikuyo passed away at the age of 68. Her sudden death was a devastating blow to Kurayo and their legions of fans. Kurayo continued to perform, often collaborating with other comedians to keep Ikuyo’s legacy alive.

The Legal Battle Over Ikuyo’s Estate

After Ikuyo’s death, a legal dispute arose between Kurayo and Ikuyo’s family over the distribution of her estate. The complex case highlighted the deep bond between the two women and the challenges they faced in their personal lives.

Kurayo’s Continued Legacy

Despite the trials and tribulations, Kurayo remained a beloved figure in the Japanese comedy scene. She continued to perform, often appearing in a wheelchair, and was honored in 2023 as a Living National Treasure of Manzai. Ikuyo’s spirit lives on through Kurayo’s enduring legacy and the laughter she continues to bring to audiences.

Q&A: The Tragic Demise of Ima Kuruno

Kuryo’s Life and Legacy

Kuryo was a renowned Japanese female comedian who, along with her partner Ikuyo, formed the popular comedy duo Ikuyo-Kuryo. They were pioneers in the male-dominated world of Japanese comedy and gained immense popularity during the 1980s comedy boom. Kuryo was known for her distinctive appearance, with her heavy makeup and flamboyant costumes, which she often used as material for their comedic routines.

Ikuyo’s Passing and Kuryo’s Continued Success

In 2015, Ikuyo passed away due to stomach cancer, leaving Kuryo to continue their legacy as a solo performer. Kuryo remained active in the entertainment industry, collaborating with other comedians such as the Nakagawa family, and even making a surprise appearance on stage in Ikuyo-Kuryo attire. Kuryo’s resilience and ability to adapt to the changing landscape of the industry were admired by her peers and fans alike.

The Legal Battle Over Ikuyo’s Estate

In 2019, Kuryo filed a lawsuit against Ikuyo’s family, seeking the repayment of approximately 27 million yen that Kuryo had allegedly lent to Ikuyo over the years. The legal battle revealed the complex relationship between the two comedians and the challenges they faced, even in their personal lives. The final ruling ordered Ikuyo’s family to pay Kuryo a reduced amount of around 1.6 million yen, highlighting the difficulties and controversies that surrounded the duo’s legacy.

Kuryo’s Lasting Impact

Despite the personal and legal challenges, Kuryo’s impact on the Japanese comedy scene remains undeniable. She and Ikuyo paved the way for future generations of female comedians, and their unique comedic style and on-stage chemistry continue to be celebrated and remembered by their fans. Kuryo’s resilience and dedication to her craft have left an indelible mark on the industry, and her legacy will continue to inspire and entertain audiences for years to come.

Video: The title translated to English: The true story of the death of “Ima Kuru Yo”… Tears fell over the lonely twilight years and the final moments… The contents of the will left behind by the female manzai performer famous for “Doya Sa!”… At a loss for words over the lawsuit regarding the inheritance with the relative of the partner, Ima Ikuyo.

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