The Shocking Downfall of Naoko Hayashi: The True Identity of the Man She Loved and the Aftermath of Her Illicit Affair After a Chess Match

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A renowned female shogi player’s life takes an unexpected turn as she faces a terminal illness and a shocking revelation about her lover’s infidelity. This gripping story delves into the personal struggles and triumphs of a public figure, leaving readers captivated by the unexpected twists and turns.
  • Naoko Hayashi, a former female professional shogi player, had a turbulent life marked by scandals, illnesses, and financial troubles.
  • Hayashi had a long-term affair with Makoto Nakahara, another prominent shogi player, which was revealed to the public in 1998.
  • Hayashi published several sexy photo books, earning a significant amount of money, but eventually squandered it all on travels and other expenses.
  • Hayashi was diagnosed with alcoholic cirrhosis in the early 2000s and was given a terminal prognosis, but she managed to recover and make a comeback in 2019.
  • In 2021, Hayashi was diagnosed with liver cancer, which had metastasized, and was given a one-year prognosis, but she underwent successful treatment and is currently in the observation stage.

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The Rise and Fall of Naoko Hayashi’s Shogi Career

Naoko Hayashi’s Shogi Prodigy Years

Naoko Hayashi, born on January 24, 1968, in Fukuoka, Japan, was a talented shogi player from a young age. She started playing shogi at the age of 5, taught by her father, and by the time she was in 6th grade, she had won the Women’s Meijin title, becoming a shogi prodigy in Fukuoka. Hayashi turned professional in 1980 at the age of 12, and in 1982, at the age of 14 years and 3 months, she became the youngest person to win the Women’s Osho title, a remarkable achievement.

Hayashi’s Dominance in the Women’s Shogi League

Hayashi’s shogi career continued to soar in the 1980s and early 1990s. From 1982 to 1991, she won the Women’s Osho title 10 times, cementing her status as a shogi legend. In 1991, she was awarded the prestigious Queen Osho title, becoming the first female shogi player to achieve this honor.

Hayashi’s Retirement and Comeback Attempts

In 1994, Hayashi announced a temporary retirement from shogi, citing physical exhaustion. However, in 1995, at the young age of 27, she retired from professional shogi altogether. This decision was partly due to the low pay for female shogi players at the time. After her retirement, Hayashi became involved in various media and writing projects, including the popular “Shion no Ou” manga series.

Hayashi’s Struggles with Illness and Addiction

Hayashi’s life took a tragic turn in the 2000s when she was diagnosed with alcoholic cirrhosis, a severe liver disease. She was given a poor prognosis and was even told she had only a year to live. Hayashi’s battle with the disease was a long and arduous one, marked by relapses and setbacks. However, through determination and treatment, she was able to recover and make a comeback in 2019.

Hayashi’s Resilience and Renewed Passion for Shogi

In 2019, Hayashi made a surprise appearance at a shogi event in Himeji, Hyogo, where she expressed her joy at being able to hold the shogi pieces again after a 9-year hiatus. Despite facing a second bout of cancer in 2021, Hayashi has continued to fight and has undergone treatment, including surgery and chemotherapy. Her resilience and passion for shogi have inspired her fans, who eagerly await her full recovery and potential return to the shogi world.

Hayashi’s Personal Life and Relationships

Hayashi’s personal life has also been the subject of much media attention, particularly her relationships with fellow shogi players. Her affair with Makoto Nakahara, a prominent shogi player, was revealed in 1998 and caused a scandal. Hayashi also had relationships with foreign partners, some of which were reportedly abusive. Despite these challenges, Hayashi found love again and entered a long-term common-law marriage with a supportive partner who cared for her during her health struggles.

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Naoko Hayashi’s Tragic Life Story: The Truth Behind Her Forbidden Love Affair

Naoko Hayashi, a former female professional shogi player and the author of the manga series “The King’s Shion,” has had a tumultuous life filled with both success and hardship. Despite her illustrious career in the shogi world, Hayashi’s personal life has been marked by scandals and health challenges.

Naoko Hayashi’s Relationship with Makoto Nakahara

One of the most notable events in Hayashi’s life was her forbidden love affair with Makoto Nakahara, another prominent figure in the shogi community. The two were involved in a secret relationship from 1992 to 1998, which was eventually revealed to the public through Hayashi’s own confession.

Hayashi’s Financial Struggles and Bankruptcy

Hayashi’s financial troubles began when her father, who had control over her bank accounts and seal, misused her money to buy a car and engage in other personal activities. This led to Hayashi inheriting a massive debt of 100 million yen after her father’s passing, ultimately resulting in her filing for bankruptcy in 2006.

Hayashi’s Battle with Alcoholic Liver Disease

Hayashi’s health woes took a turn for the worse when she was diagnosed with alcoholic liver disease in the early 2000s. The disease progressed rapidly, and she was given a terminal prognosis in 2014. However, Hayashi refused a liver transplant from her brother, believing it would be a burden to him, and instead opted for a strict dietary regimen that allowed her to recover and make a comeback in 2019.

Hayashi’s Second Battle with Cancer

Tragically, Hayashi’s health struggles were not over. In 2021, she was diagnosed with liver cancer that had metastasized to her lymph nodes. She underwent a grueling 6-hour surgery and intensive chemotherapy treatment, which initially showed promising results. However, Hayashi’s recovery has been challenging, as she has faced difficulties with her ability to eat and maintain her weight. Despite the ongoing battle, Hayashi remains determined to overcome this latest health obstacle.

Video: The title translated to English is: The true identity of the man Naoko Hayashiba loved, which led to her downfall… The aftermath of her “post-match one-night stand” infidelity leaves one speechless… The female professional shogi player, active in the shogi world, faces two terminal illness diagnoses, leaving one in shock…

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