Shō Hirano’s Shocking Outburst Against Takeshi Miyake: Miyake’s Controversial Behavior at TOBE Leaves Fans Speechless, Tackling the Issues Troubling Number_i and Hideaki Takizawa

平野紫耀 が三宅健に対して大激怒した衝撃原因…三宅健のTOBE内での問題行為に言葉を失う…滝沢秀明を悩ますNumber_iが抱える問題とは…
Source: 平野紫耀 が三宅健に対して大激怒した衝撃原因…三宅健のTOBE内での問題行為に言葉を失う…滝沢秀明を悩ますNumber_iが抱える問題とは…/ネットニュースラボ(


The rising star of Japanese entertainment, Hirano Shō, has been embroiled in a shocking confrontation with veteran actor Miyake Ken. Rumors suggest Miyake’s questionable conduct within the TOBE organization has sparked Hirano’s outrage, leaving many in the industry perplexed. As the situation unfolds, Number_i, led by Takizawa Hideaki, faces its own set of challenges that continue to trouble the entertainment world.
  • The article discusses the tensions between Shō Hirano, a member of the group Number Six, and his senior Takuya Mitsuyuki, a former member of the group V6, who are both signed to the talent agency 2B.
  • Hirano has been expressing frustration with Mitsuyuki’s behavior and the amount of resources the agency is allocating to Mitsuyuki’s activities, despite Mitsuyuki’s relatively lower popularity compared to Hirano.
  • The article also mentions that Hirano has a good relationship with another senior, Hiromi Kitayama, who is kind and treats Hirano as an equal.
  • The article suggests that the agency president, Hideaki Takizawa, is heavily promoting Hirano as the center of Number Six, which may be causing tensions within the group.
  • The article concludes by stating that the agency needs to address the issues between Hirano and Mitsuyuki to maintain the unity and momentum of Number Six as they aim for global success.

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Shō Hirano’s Frustration with Takeshi Miyaké’s Behavior at 2BE

Shō Hirano’s Complaints About His Senior Colleague

Shō Hirano, a prominent member of the group Number_i, has reportedly been expressing frustration towards his senior colleague, Takeshi Miyaké, who is also a member of the talent agency 2BE. Hirano has been voicing his complaints about Miyaké’s behavior to those around him. Miyaké is known among fans for his neurotic and caustic personality, which can sometimes act as a mood-maker, but it seems that his tendency to give unsolicited advice to his juniors, including Hirano, has been a source of tension.

Miyaké’s Spending Habits and Hirano’s Concerns

Despite Miyaké’s relatively low sales figures within 2BE, it is reported that he has been using a significant amount of the agency’s budget for his activities. This has raised concerns for Hirano, who is one of the agency’s top earners and the face of Number_i. Hirano may not be comfortable with the way Miyaké is utilizing the company’s resources, especially when his own group is driving much of the agency’s success.

Hirano’s Positive Relationship with Hiroshi Kitayama

In contrast to his issues with Miyaké, Hirano seems to have a good relationship with another senior member of 2BE, Hiroshi Kitayama. During a recent Instagram live stream, Hirano praised Kitayama, saying that he is genuinely kind and speaks to him on the same level.

The Challenges Facing Number_i’s Expansion Plans

Miyaké’s Solo Activities and Ticket Sales

Miyaké recently released his first digital single, “Lady to Dance,” which debuted at 36th place on the Oricon Weekly Digital Single Ranking. However, the download numbers were relatively low, at just 1,684 downloads. This suggests that Miyaké’s individual popularity may not be as high as some of his younger colleagues within 2BE.

Differences in Solo Concert Schedules

As 2BE prepares for a series of solo concerts at the Tokyo Ariake Arena in June 2024, the differences in the number of shows scheduled for each artist have become apparent. While groups like IMPP and Hiroshi Kitayama have 3 and 6 shows respectively, Miyaké only has 2 shows scheduled. This disparity in concert opportunities may further contribute to the tensions within the agency.

Hirano’s Potential Concerns for Number_i’s Growth

Given Hirano’s status as one of the agency’s top earners and the face of Number_i, the issues surrounding Miyaké’s spending and individual activities may be a source of frustration for Hirano. As 2BE looks to expand Number_i’s presence, particularly in the Chinese market, maintaining a cohesive and harmonious group dynamic will be crucial for the group’s success.

Q&A: Hirano Shō’s Rage at Miyake Ken: TOBE Misconduct

Q: What is the shocking reason behind Shō Hirano’s outrage towards Takeshi Miyake?

A: According to the report, Shō Hirano, a member of the popular group Number_i, has been complaining to his associates about the problematic behavior of his senior, Takeshi Miyake, who is a former member of V6 and currently belongs to the talent agency 2B. It seems that Miyake has been interfering with the activities of the younger members, offering unsolicited advice, despite the fact that his own sales and activities within 2B are not at the same level as Hirano’s, who has become the cash cow of the agency.

Q: What issues is Takuya Kimura’s Number_i facing?

A: The report suggests that while Number_i’s work has been steady since their debut in January, there are indications that their activities in the new territory may be reaching their limits. It is mentioned that there is a growing gap between Hirano and the other two members, Yuta Kishi and Yuta Jinguji, in terms of individual opportunities and popularity.

Q: How is Takahiro Kitagawa, another senior artist at 2B, perceived by Shō Hirano?

A: In contrast to his issues with Takeshi Miyake, the report indicates that Shō Hirano has a good relationship with Takahiro Kitagawa, another senior artist at 2B. Hirano has commented positively about Kitagawa, stating that he is kind and talks to him on the same level.

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