Shō Hirano Explodes at Takeshi Miyake: Refuses to Speak, Reschedules Live Events After Disappointing Results

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Tensions flare as rising star Shô Hirano clashes with veteran Takeshi Miyake, leading to a shocking rift within the TOBE entertainment group. With Hirano refusing to speak and even rescheduling live events, the incident has fans and industry insiders alike captivated by this unexpected drama.
  • Shō Hirano, a popular Japanese idol, is reportedly upset with his senior Takeshi Mitsukake from the group 2B.
  • Hirano is said to be unhappy with Mitsukake’s behavior, including his high demands and critical attitude towards the younger members.
  • Mitsukake is known for his strong work ethic and desire to maintain high production values, which has caused tensions within the 2B group.
  • Despite Mitsukake’s experience and popularity, his management style has been criticized by some as being out of touch with the realities of the newer, smaller 2B agency.
  • The situation has led to a rift between Hirano and Mitsukake, with Hirano reportedly avoiding interactions with the 2B group and even adjusting his own schedule to avoid Mitsukake.

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Shō Hirano’s Frustration with Takeshi Miyake

Hirano’s Rising Popularity and Contributions to 2B

Shō Hirano is currently one of the top idols in the Japanese entertainment industry. His popularity is overwhelming, and the products he endorses as an ambassador sell extremely well. He has become the highest earner within 2B. However, it seems that Hirano has some unresolved issues with one of his senior members.

Miyake’s Demanding Personality and Clashes with Juniors

The senior member in question is Takeshi Miyake, a former member of the group V6. Miyake is known for his strong-willed personality and blunt, critical comments towards his juniors. Despite his stable popularity and important role in supporting the younger members, Miyake’s high demands and lack of understanding for 2B’s current situation have caused friction within the group.

Miyake’s Expensive Artistic Demands and 2B’s Limitations

Miyake is said to have very high standards for his performances, often requesting lavish production values that exceed 2B’s limited budget and resources as a newly established agency. This has led to frustration among the management and other members, who feel Miyake’s expectations do not align with the group’s current capabilities.

Hirano’s Avoidance of Miyake and Reduced Interactions

The tension between Hirano and Miyake has reportedly led to Hirano avoiding interactions with the senior member. Hirano’s appearances alongside the 2B family have decreased since the group’s first major live event in March. This situation has raised concerns about the unity within the group, though the strong bond between the members is expected to help them overcome these challenges.

Balancing Artistic Visions and Practical Considerations

As the group’s top earner, Hirano may understandably feel frustrated by Miyake’s demands, which could divert resources away from the group’s overall development. However, it is important for the members to find a way to reconcile their differing perspectives and work together to further elevate 2B’s success.

Maintaining Unity and Collective Growth

The key is for the artists to avoid being swayed by the opinions of any single member and instead focus on collective growth. By embracing each other’s strengths and finding a balance between artistic vision and practical considerations, 2B can continue to thrive and fulfill its potential.

Q&A: Shō Hirano Furious at Takeshi Miyake

Q: Who is the senior member that Hirano Shō is having issues with at 2B?

A: The senior member that Hirano Shō is having issues with at 2B is Miyake Ken, the former member of V6.

Q: What are the issues between Hirano Shō and Miyake Ken?

A: Hirano Shō and Miyake Ken do not get along well. Miyake Ken is known to be strict and outspoken, often giving unsolicited advice to the younger members of 2B. This has caused friction between Hirano Shō and Miyake Ken.

Q: How has Miyake Ken’s behavior affected 2B’s activities?

A: Miyake Ken’s high demands for production quality and budget have caused issues within the relatively new and smaller 2B agency, which is struggling to meet his expectations. This has led to frustration among the members, including the popular Hirano Shō.

Q: What is the current status of the relationship between Hirano Shō and the other 2B members?

A: The report suggests that Hirano Shō has been avoiding interactions with the other 2B members, including Miyake Ken, since the Tokyo Dome concert in March. This has led to concerns about the unity within the 2B group.

Video: ‘Say it after you get the results’ Shō Hirano gets angry with Takeshi Miyake! He stopped talking to him and even changed the live schedule… Shocking internal division in TOBE! [Entertainment]

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