Snow Man’s Raul Caught Smoking: Evidence of Long-Time Smoker, Potential Arrest for Violation

Snow Man・ラウールの喫煙動画流出、以前から愛煙者だった証拠とは…違反により“逮捕”の可能性が…
Source: Snow Man・ラウールの喫煙動画流出、以前から愛煙者だった証拠とは…違反により“逮捕”の可能性が…/ネットニュースラボ(


Racy video of Snow Man’s Raul smoking sparks controversy. The idol’s long-standing habit raises questions about potential legal consequences. Fans divided as the incident sheds light on the complex realities of celebrity lifestyles.
  • The article discusses the recent controversy surrounding Snow Man member Ren Meguro’s smoking video that was leaked online.
  • Despite Meguro previously stating in an interview that he prefers non-smoking partners, the video shows him smoking a cigarette in public in Paris, France.
  • Smoking in public spaces is prohibited in Paris, with fines of up to 33,000 yen for violations, though e-cigarettes are exempt from the regulations.
  • Reactions online have been mixed, with some fans finding Meguro’s smoking “cool” while others are critical of the apparent contradiction with his previous statements.
  • The article also speculates that Meguro may have started smoking within the past year, as he recently turned 20 years old, the legal smoking age in Japan.

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Raul’s Smoking Habit Revealed

Raul’s Smoking Habit Contradicts His Previous Statements

Raul, the absolute center of the idol group Snow Man, has been known to make statements against smoking. In a 2020 magazine interview, he expressed his dislike for the smell of cigarettes and said he would likely not date someone who smokes. However, a recent video has surfaced showing Raul smoking in public, contradicting his previous stance.

Smoking Regulations in Paris

The video was filmed in Paris, where public smoking has been banned since March 2023. The law applies to all individuals, including adults and minors, and violators can face a fine of up to 195 euros (approximately 33,000 Japanese yen). Raul’s smoking in a public area may have violated this regulation.

Reactions and Speculation from Fans

Fans have had mixed reactions to the video, with some finding Raul’s smoking habit “cool” and others expressing their dislike for the smell of cigarette smoke. There has also been speculation about whether other Snow Man members who were rumored to have quit smoking have actually continued the habit.

Raul’s Smoking History and Potential Consequences

Based on Raul’s age, it is likely that he started smoking within the past year, as the former Johnny’s Entertainment agency had strict policies against underage smoking. The video’s location in Paris suggests Raul may have felt more comfortable smoking in a foreign country, but the potential legal consequences of his actions remain a concern.

Raul’s Modeling Career and Public Image

Raul is not only a member of the idol group Snow Man but also a successful model, having participated in Paris Fashion Week in January 2024. The revelation of his smoking habit may impact his public image and modeling career, as he is expected to maintain a certain level of professionalism and health-conscious behavior.


The video of Raul smoking in Paris has sparked a range of reactions and discussions among fans. While his actions may contradict his previous statements, the potential legal and professional consequences of his smoking habit remain to be seen.

Q&A: Raul’s Smoking Scandal: Evidence of a Longtime Habit

Q: What evidence suggests that Raul from Snow Man was a smoker even before the release of the smoking video?

A: According to the article, Raul had previously stated in an interview in 2020 that he prefers to date non-smokers because he dislikes the smell of cigarette smoke. This suggests that Raul was already a smoker at that time, despite his public comments against smoking.

Q: What are the smoking regulations in Paris that Raul may have violated with his public smoking?

A: The article states that since March 2023, smoking in public spaces such as sidewalks, parks, and public transportation in Paris has been prohibited. Violating this regulation can result in a fine of 195 euros, which is approximately 33,000 yen. The article suggests that Raul may have been unaware of or disregarded these regulations while smoking in public in Paris.

Q: How have Raul’s Snow Man bandmates reacted to the news of his smoking?

A: The article mentions that there were rumors that some of Raul’s bandmates, such as Meguro and Iwamoto, had previously quit smoking or switched to e-cigarettes due to Raul’s dislike of cigarette smoke. However, the article suggests that these rumors were unsubstantiated, and that there are likely still other members of Snow Man who continue to smoke despite Raul’s public stance against it.

Video: Snow Man・Raul’s leaked smoking video, evidence that he was a smoker all along… Possibility of “arrest” due to violation…

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