Shocking Revelation: Kaito Takahashi Discloses Ren Nagase’s “Irreversible” Condition – Abnormalities Extend Beyond Ears to Brain, Leaving Fans Speechless Over the Stark Contrast Among the 5 Members of King & Prince

【驚愕】高橋海人が永瀬廉が"復帰不可"の容態を告白...耳だけでなく脳にも異常をきたした現在に驚きを隠せない...『King & Prince』で活躍した5人の現在の格差に言葉を失う...
Source: 【驚愕】高橋海人が永瀬廉が"復帰不可"の容態を告白...耳だけでなく脳にも異常をきたした現在に驚きを隠せない...『King & Prince』で活躍した5人の現在の格差に言葉を失う.../号外ダブルパンチ(


The shocking revelation about Kaito Takahashi’s deteriorating health condition has left the entertainment industry reeling. The former member of the popular group King & Prince is reportedly suffering from not only hearing issues, but also neurological complications, casting doubt on his potential return to the spotlight. This stark contrast with the continued success of his former bandmates has left many speechless and deeply concerned.
  • Ryo Nagase’s ear injury and the criticism towards the staff handling the incident
  • Taichi Kokubun’s dating news and the mixed reactions from fans
  • Taichi Kokubun’s poor complexion and the possible reasons behind it
  • The success of Number Six’s new song “Bon” and their global strategy
  • The disparity in opportunities among the Number Six members

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Ryo Nagase’s Ear Injury and Controversy

Ryo Nagase’s Ear Injury and Denial of Reports

On June 3, 2023, Ryo Nagase, a member of the group King & Prince, denied reports about his right ear injury. Nagase had missed the events “We Let’s Get the Party Started” held at Kyocera Dome Osaka on May 29 and 30 due to an injury he sustained to his right ear during event preparations. He underwent surgery as the injury had also affected his inner ear, and a recovery period of about two weeks was required, leading to a temporary activity suspension.

Fans’ Reactions and Nagase’s Response

The reports suggested that a sharp tool held by a staff member had accidentally pierced Nagase’s right ear. This led to concerns among fans about the event’s setup and criticism towards the staff member responsible. Some fans even initiated an online petition, demanding accountability from Nagase. However, Nagase addressed the speculations in his fan blog, stating that the injury was his own responsibility and that he did not want to imply that someone else had caused the injury.

Taichi Kokubun’s Romantic Relationship and Backlash

Taichi Kokubun’s Reported Relationship with Actress Kanna Arima

On December 18, 2023, news of Taichi Kokubun’s romantic relationship with actress Kanna Arima was reported by News Post Seven. This led to a wave of critical comments on Kokubun’s Instagram, with some fans expressing a sense of betrayal and disappointment.

Fans’ Divided Reactions and Kokubun’s Support

While some fans criticized Kokubun for the revelation, others defended his right to a private life, stating that the members should be allowed to pursue their own happiness. Kokubun’s latest Instagram post received over 6,500 comments, reflecting the divided opinions among the fans.

Takanori Iwata’s Health Concerns and Speculations

Takanori Iwata’s Pale Appearance and Potential Causes

On April 27, 2024, Takanori Iwata’s appearance on a fitness program raised concerns about his pale complexion. Possible reasons for his poor complexion include the stress from the media attention due to his reported relationship, potential liver issues, the increased workload due to King & Prince’s reduced member lineup, and his naturally darker skin tone and deep-set eyes.

Iwata’s Acknowledgment of His Appearance

Iwata himself has acknowledged that his naturally darker skin tone and deep-set eyes contribute to his complexion appearing more pale and unhealthy at times.

Number Six’s Successful Single “Bon” and Global Expansion

The Success of Number Six’s Single “Bon”

On May 27, 2023, the music video for Number Six’s new single “Bon” was released on YouTube. The song, inspired by the traditional Japanese festival Bon, quickly gained attention and reached 10 million views the following day, setting a new record for the fastest achievement in the Japanese market.

Number Six’s Global Expansion and Collaborations

Number Six, consisting of Shota Hiraoka, Yuta Kishi, and Yuta Jinguji, performed at the prestigious Coachella music festival in California, USA, on April 15, 2024. They also collaborated with Jackson Wang, a member of the popular K-pop group GOT7, further expanding their global reach and introducing their music to a wider audience.

Disparity Among Number Six Members and Concerns

The Contrast in Opportunities and Exposure

On May 11, 2023, Number Six’s appearance in a Suntory Rea commercial drew attention to the disparity among the members. Shota Hiraoka has been actively featured in various high-profile commercials and campaigns, including becoming the Asia ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, while Yuta Kishi and Yuta Jinguji have had fewer individual opportunities.

Potential Risks and the Need for Balanced Promotion

Industry experts have expressed concerns that the unbalanced promotion, with Hiraoka as the absolute center, could lead to an imbalance in the group’s overall popularity and potentially hinder their future success. It is crucial for Number Six to find the right balance and ensure that all members can showcase their strengths and contribute to the group’s continued growth.

Q&A: Takahashi Kaito’s Shocking Revelation on Nagase Ren’s Condition

Q: What happened to Ren Nagase’s ear injury?

A: According to the reports, Ren Nagase suffered an injury to his right ear during the preparation for a live event in May 2023. He underwent surgery and required about 2 weeks of recovery time, leading to a temporary activity suspension.

Q: What is the latest news about Taichi Higashiyama’s dating scandal?

A: In December 2023, it was reported that Taichi Higashiyama was in a romantic relationship with actress Kanna Hashimoto. This news received mixed reactions from fans, with some criticizing him while others supported his personal life.

Q: Why does Taichi Higashiyama look pale in recent appearances?

A: There are several possible reasons suggested for Taichi Higashiyama’s pale complexion: 1) Stress from the dating scandal, 2) Potential health issues like liver problems, 3) Increased workload due to King & Prince becoming a two-member group, and 4) His naturally darker skin tone making paleness more noticeable.

Q: What is the success story of the new song “Bon” by the group NUMBERSix?

A: The music video for NUMBERSix’s new song “Bon” was released on YouTube on May 27, 2023 and reached 10 million views the next day, setting a new record for the fastest achievement in the Japanese market. The song features a Japanese-style sound and visual elements, including an homage to the popular manga “Dragon Ball”.

Q: What is the issue with the member disparity within NUMBERSix?

A: There are concerns about a growing disparity among the NUMBERSix members. Hirano has been receiving more high-profile endorsement deals and acting opportunities compared to Itsuki and Shingiji, who have seen a decrease in their individual activities. This imbalance could potentially impact the group’s overall popularity if not addressed properly.

Video: [Title: [Shocking] Kaito Takahashi confesses that Ren Nagase is in a “non-recoverable” condition…unable to hide surprise at the current situation where not only his ears but also his brain are abnormal…at a loss for words about the current disparity among the 5 members who were active in ‘King & Prince’]

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