The Shocking Revelation: Ren Nagase’s Injury Worsens, Hampering Kinpuri’s Comeback; Kaito Takahashi’s Concerning Mental State Leaves Fans Stunned

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The shocking news about King & Prince member Ren Nagase’s injury worsening and his return to the group becoming impossible has left fans stunned. Bandmate Kaito Takahashi’s reported mental breakdown and deteriorating appearance have only added to the distress. The stark contrast between King & Prince and their rival group Number_i has left the public in disbelief.
  • Ren Nagase’s ear injury and the controversy surrounding it
  • Kaito Takahashi’s dating scandal and concerns about his poor complexion
  • The success of Number’s new song “Bon” and its global impact
  • The growing gap between Number’s members in terms of individual activities and popularity
  • The importance of Number’s ability to provide a balanced and cohesive group image for their continued success

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Ren Nagase’s Ear Injury and Its Impact

Nagase’s Injury and the Controversy Surrounding It

On June 3, 2023, Ren Nagase, a member of King & Prince, denied reports of an injury to his right ear. Nagase had missed events at the Kyocera Dome Osaka on May 29 and 30 due to an injury sustained during performance preparations. Examinations revealed a wound in his ear, leading to a surgery and a two-week recovery period. The incident sparked criticism from fans regarding the event’s safety protocols and the handling of the situation by the management.

Nagase’s Response and Fan Reactions

Nagase addressed the issue on his fan blog, stating that the injury was his own responsibility and that he did not want to imply that someone else had caused it. Fans expressed their support for Nagase, believing his explanation and wishing for his speedy recovery.

Takanashi Kaito’s Relationship and Health Concerns

Takanashi’s Romantic Relationship

In December 2023, news of Takanashi Kaito’s relationship with actress Arimura Kasumi surfaced, leading to a mixed reaction from fans. While some were supportive of Takanashi’s personal life, others expressed disappointment, feeling that it betrayed the dreams of fans who had hoped for the group’s reunion.

Takanashi’s Concerning Appearance

In April 2024, Takanashi’s appearance on a fitness program raised concerns about his health. Fans noted his pale complexion, which was attributed to various factors, including the stress from the relationship news, potential health issues, and the increased workload due to King & Prince’s reduced lineup.

The Rise of NUMBERSix and Their Global Expansion

The Success of the Single “Bon”

In May 2023, NUMBERSix, a trio consisting of Hirano Sho, Kishi Yuta, and Shingūji Yuta, released their single “Bon.” The music video, which incorporated Japanese cultural elements and a nod to the popular anime “Dragon Ball,” quickly gained over 10 million views on YouTube, setting a new record in Japan.

NUMBERSix’s Global Presence

NUMBERSix’s success continued as they performed at the prestigious Coachella music festival in April 2024. They also collaborated with Jackson Wang, a member of the K-pop group GOT7, further expanding their reach and introducing them to a wider international audience.

The Disparity Within NUMBERSix

Despite the group’s overall success, concerns arose about the growing disparity among the members. Hirano Sho, the group’s center, has been the focus of numerous endorsement deals and high-profile projects, while Kishi Yuta and Shingūji Yuta have seen a decline in their individual opportunities. Industry experts warn that this imbalance could potentially hinder the group’s long-term success.

Q&A: Ren Nagase’s Injury Worsens, Hikakin’s Breakdown

Questions about Ren Nagase’s Injury

A: According to the text, Ren Nagase, a member of King & Prince, suffered an injury to his right ear in late May 2023. He was absent from the “Let’s Get the Party Start” event held at Kyocera Dome Osaka on May 29 and 30 due to this injury. Nagase underwent medical examinations and was found to have a wound inside his ear, requiring surgery. He was expected to need about 2 weeks of recovery time and had to temporarily suspend his activities.

Questions about Takanori Iwata’s Dating Scandal

A: The text mentions that in December 2023, news broke that Takanori Iwata, another member of King & Prince, was in a romantic relationship with actress Kasumi Arimura. This caused a backlash from some fans, with comments criticizing Iwata for hiding the relationship. However, there were also fans who defended Iwata’s right to have a private life.

Questions about Takanori Iwata’s Appearance

A: The text states that Takanori Iwata’s appearance has been a topic of discussion, with some noting that his complexion looked poor when he appeared on a fitness program in April 2024. Possible reasons cited for his poor complexion include stress from the dating scandal, potential health issues like liver problems, increased workload due to King & Prince becoming a two-member group, and Iwata’s naturally darker skin tone and deep-set eyes making his complexion appear worse.

Questions about NUMBERSix’s Success

A: The text highlights the success of NUMBERSix’s new song “Bon,” which was released in May 2023. The music video for “Bon” reached 10 million views on YouTube in just one day, setting a new record in Japan. The song and music video incorporate Japanese cultural elements and even include an homage to the popular anime “Dragon Ball.” NUMBERSix also performed at the Coachella music festival in April 2024 and collaborated with Jackson Wang from the K-pop group GOT7, further expanding their reach.

Questions about the Disparity within NUMBERSix

A: The text mentions that there is a perceived disparity among the members of NUMBERSix. Hirano has been featured in various high-profile commercials and was appointed as the Asia ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, while Kishiyuta and Shingenjiro have seen a decrease in their individual work opportunities. This has led to concerns that Hirano is being positioned as the group’s absolute center, which could potentially limit the overall popularity of the group in the long run.

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