Kimura Takuya’s New Album Release Criticized as Tacky: “Unbearable” Pride-Filled Approach Seen by Former Bandmates Nakai Masahiro and Others【SMAP】【Entertainment】

Source: 木村拓哉の新アルバムの売り方がダサすぎると話題に!「見るに耐えない」”プライドの塊”丸出しの姿勢は旧友・中居正広たちにどう写ったのか!【SMAP】【芸能】/芸能レジスタンス(


Legendary Japanese actor Kimura Takuya’s new album release has sparked controversy, with fans criticizing the “cringeworthy” marketing tactics. Insiders suggest his “prideful” approach has alienated former SMAP bandmates, including Nakai Masahiro. This high-profile clash within the Japanese entertainment industry is sure to captivate audiences.
  • The article discusses the release of Takuya Kimura’s new album, which has received negative reactions online.
  • Despite the album featuring songs written by a lineup of renowned artists, the public response has been largely unfavorable.
  • Kimura’s album sales have been declining since his SMAP days, with his latest album selling only about 84,500 copies, a sharp drop from his previous solo album.
  • Kimura’s acting style and persona, which some perceive as arrogant, have been criticized as the reason for his declining popularity.
  • The article also mentions the rumored tensions between Kimura and his former SMAP bandmates, which may have contributed to his current situation.

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Takuya Kimura’s New Album Release Criticized as “Embarrassing”

Kimura’s Prideful Approach Questioned by Former Bandmate Masahiro Nakai

Takuya Kimura, a former member of the popular idol group SMAP, is set to release his third original album “C Your” on August 14th. Despite having a lineup of renowned artists contributing to the album, the online reaction has been largely negative. This article explores the public’s response and the potential reasons behind Kimura’s declining popularity.

Declining Album Sales and Comparisons to Younger Artists

Kimura’s solo album sales have seen a significant decline since the disbandment of SMAP. His first solo album “Go with the Flow” sold an estimated 170,000 copies, while his second album “Next Destination” saw a sharp drop to around 84,500 copies. In comparison, the latest album by the popular group Snow Man, which Kimura’s agency also represents, has sold over 1.2 million copies, highlighting the stark contrast in their commercial success.

Criticism of Kimura’s Persona and Acting Choices

Some viewers have expressed that Kimura’s on-screen persona and acting choices have contributed to his declining popularity. They feel that he still maintains an arrogant and overbearing attitude, which contrasts with the growth and maturity displayed by his contemporaries in the industry. The suggestion is that Kimura should consider taking on more diverse roles, such as supporting or antagonistic characters, to showcase his versatility as an actor.

Rumors of Tensions Within SMAP and Kimura’s Loyalty

The disbandment of SMAP in 2016 was accompanied by rumors of tensions within the group, particularly between Kimura and the other members. Reports suggest that Kimura’s decision to remain with the agency while the others sought independence was seen as a betrayal by his former bandmates. This perceived rift has continued to haunt Kimura’s public image and may have contributed to his declining popularity.

Kimura’s Desire to Reclaim Success Through Music

Despite the challenges, Kimura’s decision to release a new album suggests his desire to reclaim his success through the medium of music. As a former idol, the music industry holds a special significance for him, and he may see it as an opportunity to regain the spotlight and connect with his loyal fanbase.

Conclusion: Kimura’s Crossroads and the Potential for Redemption

Takuya Kimura’s new album release has sparked a mixed response, with criticism focused on his perceived arrogance and the declining sales compared to his younger counterparts. However, the artist’s determination to succeed in the music industry and the potential for redemption through a change in his public persona remain intriguing aspects of his current career trajectory.

Q&A: Tacky Kimura’s New Album Flop Sparks Outrage

Q: What is the main focus of the article?

The article discusses the release of Takuya Kimura’s new solo album “C Your” and the reactions and opinions surrounding it.

Q: What are some of the positive opinions about Kimura’s new album?

Some fans are excited that artists like Toshinobu Kubota and Ryota Yanagisawa have provided songs for the album, as they have expressed interest in writing for Kimura in the past.

Q: What are some of the negative opinions about Kimura’s new album?

Some people feel that just having famous songwriters contribute to the album is not enough, and that Kimura needs to prove himself more as a solo artist. There are also concerns that the album sales will not be as strong as Kimura’s past work with SMAP.

Q: How does Kimura’s acting career compare to his former SMAP bandmates?

The article suggests that Kimura’s acting career has not evolved as much as some of his contemporaries, and that he is still often typecast in similar leading roles. There are suggestions that he should try taking on more diverse roles to showcase his range as an actor.

Q: What is the relationship between Kimura and the other former SMAP members?

The article discusses rumors of tensions between Kimura and the other SMAP members, particularly Masahiro Nakai, around the time of SMAP’s disbandment in 2016. This is cited as a potential reason for Kimura’s declining popularity.

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