Sudaryo Takeshi’s Shocking Dismissal from Sumo and Horrific Deeds Towards Disciples Stun the World! The Stunning Revelation of the Successful Athlete’s Beautiful Wife and Her Impressive Income in ‘Breaking Down’

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A former sumo wrestler’s shocking fall from grace: Allegations of assault and abuse leave the sumo world reeling. Meanwhile, the surprising double life of a popular wrestler’s beautiful wife is uncovered, sparking widespread astonishment.
  • Suda Tsuyoshi’s wife is a former nurse who treated him when he was a lower-ranked sumo wrestler.
  • Suda Tsuyoshi has been involved in two violent incidents, one in 2018 and another in 2019, which led to his retirement from sumo.
  • Suda Tsuyoshi’s wife proposed to him, and they got married in 2019 despite the unwritten rule in sumo that wrestlers cannot marry until they reach a higher rank.
  • After retiring from sumo, Suda Tsuyoshi made his professional MMA debut in 2023 and has since competed in several fights.
  • Suda Tsuyoshi’s estimated annual income is around 30 million yen, which includes his fight earnings and sponsorship deals.

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The Downfall of Sudaryo Tsuyoshi: Shocking Revelations of Violence and Wealth

Sudaryo Tsuyoshi’s Violent Outbursts and Mistreatment of Disciples

Sudaryo Tsuyoshi, a former sumo wrestler, faced two separate incidents of violence that ultimately led to his retirement from the sport. The first incident occurred during the Spring Basho in 2018, where he physically assaulted a fellow wrestler, causing significant injuries to the victim’s face. Despite this, the sumo association only issued a suspension and did not recommend his retirement. However, the second incident in September 2019, just before the tournament, proved to be the final straw. Sudaryo Tsuyoshi reportedly struck a wrestler who had entered the bath without greeting him, resulting in a severe injury to the wrestler’s forehead. Additionally, Sudaryo Tsuyoshi was known for verbally abusing his younger disciples, giving them derogatory nicknames like “chicken” due to their poor memory. The sumo association deemed his actions unacceptable and effectively forced his retirement, despite Sudaryo Tsuyoshi’s initial resistance.

Sudaryo Tsuyoshi’s Supportive Wife and Their Marital Journey

Sudaryo Tsuyoshi’s wife, whose name has not been publicly disclosed, played a crucial role in his life. The two met when she was working as a nurse and treated Sudaryo Tsuyoshi during his time in the lower ranks of sumo. Despite the unwritten rule in sumo that wrestlers could not marry until they reached the upper ranks, Sudaryo Tsuyoshi and his wife decided to tie the knot in 2019, shortly after the first violent incident. The marriage was reportedly proposed by Sudaryo Tsuyoshi’s wife, who understood and supported him deeply. The couple’s wedding was delayed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic but was eventually held in 2021.

Sudaryo Tsuyoshi’s Transition to Mixed Martial Arts

After his retirement from sumo, Sudaryo Tsuyoshi decided to pursue a career in mixed martial arts. He made his professional debut in September 2023, where he faced and defeated Dylan James in a first-round TKO victory. However, his second fight against Anporquia in June 2024 resulted in a decision loss, despite Sudaryo Tsuyoshi’s impressive speed and power. In a post-fight interview, Sudaryo Tsuyoshi acknowledged the difference in weight class and the challenges he faced, but remained determined to continue his MMA journey and elevate the sport.

Sudaryo Tsuyoshi’s Estimated Annual Income

Sudaryo Tsuyoshi’s estimated annual income is around 300 million yen (approximately $3 million). This figure includes his fight purses, which are estimated to be around 100 million yen (approximately $1 million) per fight, as well as sponsorship deals. His wife’s possession of a luxury Mercedes-Benz worth over 100 million yen (approximately $1 million) further corroborates the high level of their household income.

Sudaryo Tsuyoshi’s Personal Life and Family

Sudaryo Tsuyoshi and his wife have one child together, a daughter born in May 2023. The couple’s relationship appears to be strong, with no reports of any infidelity or marital issues. Sudaryo Tsuyoshi’s wife has been a constant source of support, even preventing him from attempting suicide after his retirement from sumo.

Sudaryo Tsuyoshi’s Future Aspirations in Mixed Martial Arts

Despite the setback in his second MMA fight, Sudaryo Tsuyoshi remains determined to continue his career in the sport. He acknowledges that the weight class mismatch was a significant factor in his loss and plans to focus on his own weight class going forward. Sudaryo Tsuyoshi is committed to elevating the profile of MMA in Japan and hopes to compete on the global stage, showcasing his skills and entertaining fans.

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Suda Tsuyoshi’s Violent Incidents and High Income

Suda Tsuyoshi, a former sumo wrestler, was involved in two violent incidents that led to his retirement from sumo. Despite his success, his abusive behavior towards his disciples and the public backlash resulted in his forced retirement from the sport. After retiring from sumo, Suda transitioned to a career in mixed martial arts, where he has found success and a high income.

Suda Tsuyoshi’s Wife and Her Background

Suda Tsuyoshi’s wife is a former nurse who treated him during his sumo career. She is described as a beautiful woman, and their marriage in 2019 was delayed due to the strict rules in sumo regarding marriage. Despite the challenges, Suda’s wife has been a strong supporter and has helped him through difficult times, including his suicidal thoughts after his retirement.

Suda Tsuyoshi’s Income and Earnings

Suda Tsuyoshi’s income is estimated to be around 30 million yen per year, primarily from his mixed martial arts career. His fight purse for his debut fight was around 3 million yen, and his current fight purse is estimated to be around 10 million yen per fight. Additionally, he has various sponsorship deals that contribute to his high income.

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