Actress Anzu Hospitalized in Critical Condition! Divorce from Masahiro Higashide Leads to Overwhelming Work, Mental Strain. Speaks Candidly About Child’s Bullying. Current Annual Income After Moving to France.

Source: 【衝撃】女優・杏が緊急入院していた現在がやばい!!東出昌大との離婚から仕事が多忙になり精神的に限界が!?子供のいじめに語った本音...フランスに移住した現在の年収とは!?/おジャ魔所だより(


Renowned actress Ahn has been hospitalized due to the immense stress from her divorce with Masahiro Higashide and her hectic work schedule. Struggling with her child’s bullying, she has now relocated to France, where her annual income has reportedly skyrocketed.
  • Actress Ahn has been working on many projects, including a film released on June 7, which has led to her feeling physically and mentally exhausted.
  • Ahn has been living a busy life, balancing her acting career and raising her three children as a single mother after divorcing her husband in 2020.
  • Ahn decided to move to France in August 2022 with her three children, seeking a more peaceful life and better educational opportunities for her family.
  • Ahn has been actively pursuing her career, working as an actress in Japan and exploring opportunities as a fashion model in France, as well as maintaining a successful YouTube channel.
  • Despite the challenges she has faced, Ahn remains positive and determined to achieve her dreams, including her long-held desire to live in Europe.

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Actress Ahn’s Unexpected Hospitalization and Relocation to France

Ahn’s Busy Schedule and Mental Strain

Actress Ahn has been actively working, starring in a film that was released on June 7th. However, it was revealed that she had been temporarily hospitalized in Japan for an undisclosed reason. Ahn’s acquaintance stated that she had been feeling unwell for some time and decided to take a few days off to undergo medical examinations, fearing the worst-case scenario.

Ahn’s Divorce and Single Motherhood

Ahn married actor Masahiro Higashide in 2015 and had two daughters in 2016 and a son in 2017. However, their marriage ended in divorce in 2020 due to Higashide’s infidelity. Since then, Ahn has been raising her three children as a single mother.

Ahn’s Move to France

In August 2022, Ahn announced that she had moved to France with her three children. Ahn had expressed a desire to live in Europe, and her move to France may have been motivated by a desire to provide a better environment for her children, away from the public scrutiny in Japan.

Ahn’s Career and Income Sources

Ahn continues to work as an actress, appearing in dramas, films, and commercials. She is also a YouTuber, with her channel “Ahn Tokyo” having over 1 million subscribers, potentially generating significant income. Additionally, Ahn’s experience as a fashion model may have opened up opportunities for her in France.

Ahn’s Visa and Legal Considerations

Ahn’s move to France with her three children would have required obtaining a suitable visa. It is possible that she was able to secure a talent visa or a visa based on her economic resources, as she had the means to support herself and her family during their stay in France.

Ahn’s Approach to Parenting in France

France is known for its extensive childcare system, with options like childminders and specialized schools. Ahn’s previous experience in France and her network of friends and acquaintances may have helped her navigate the French childcare system and provide a stable environment for her children.

Q&A: Actress Anri’s Shocking Hospitalization

Q: What is the current situation of actress Ahn regarding her recent hospitalization?

Ahn was temporarily staying in Japan and was secretly hospitalized. She had been working on the promotion of her recent film, but the hospitalization was for another purpose. Ahn has been receiving many work offers, but she had been feeling unwell for some time and decided to take a few days off to be hospitalized as a precautionary measure.

Q: Why did Ahn decide to move to France with her three children?

Ahn moved to France in August 2022 with her three children. She wanted to try living in a different place and take on the challenge of a new lifestyle. Ahn had previously expressed a dream of living in Europe, and she has been studying French in preparation for the move.

Q: How is Ahn currently supporting herself and her family in France?

Ahn continues her acting work in Japan, appearing in dramas, films, and commercials. She also earns income as a YouTuber, with her channel having over 1 million subscribers. Additionally, Ahn may be able to work as a fashion model in France. She likely obtained a visa that allows her to work in France, such as a talent visa or a visa requiring proof of sufficient funds for a year’s stay.

Q: What are Ahn’s thoughts on bullying and how has she addressed this issue?

Ahn has discussed the issue of bullying, noting that the subtle forms of bullying that occur when one becomes an adult are often not recognized until later. She has shared her own experiences of more direct bullying as a child, such as being physically attacked. Ahn has also commented on the difficulty of this issue, as those who have bullied others may not even remember their actions.

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