Shocking Revelation: Soshina’s Variety Show Abruptly Ends… The Surprising Truth Behind the Cancellation Leaves Us Speechless… Miyasako’s Heated Exchanges with the Struggling Comedian and the Aftermath Prove His Unique Status.

Source: 【驚愕】粗品の冠番組・霜降りバラエティが緊急終了…打ち切りになる真相に言葉を失う…!『宮迫』と舌戦を繰り広げた芸人の病み発言やフォロー外し…やはりあのだけは特別な存在だった真相に驚愕…!/特ダネ情報【芸能秘話】(


Shocking news as Sougou’s variety show “Shimo-gori” is abruptly cancelled. The real reason behind this sudden termination has left many speechless. Rumors suggest the comedian’s controversial statements and distancing from former associates may have contributed to this unexpected outcome. Is this a sign that some figures truly hold a special status in the industry?
  • Sora’s relationship with Miyake is complex, with differences in their identities as comedians and their attitudes towards the entertainment industry.
  • Sora’s comedy style, which often targets sensitive topics, has caused friction with Miyake, who is known for his more lighthearted persona.
  • Sora’s YouTube channels have been incredibly successful, with over 4 million subscribers and over 2 billion views, earning him an estimated annual income of over 200 million yen.
  • Sora has been in the news for his controversial behavior, such as unfollowing popular celebrities on social media and making cryptic posts on Instagram.
  • Despite the tensions between Sora and Miyake, Sora has expressed that he doesn’t actually dislike Miyake and sees him as a source of material for his comedy.

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Yoshinori Miyamoto’s Feud with Sonaoshi

The Backstory of Their Rivalry

The relationship between Yoshinori Miyamoto and Sonaoshi appears to be a complex one, despite their seniority-junior dynamic. The tension stems from several factors. Firstly, their differing perspectives on the entertainment industry – Sonaoshi adheres to a “comedian-centric” philosophy, while Miyamoto has reinvented himself as a YouTuber after the scandal surrounding his “dark business” activities. This fundamental difference in their professional identities has created friction. Additionally, Miyamoto’s controversies have had a ripple effect on the entire Yoshimoto Kogyo agency, leading to difficulties for other comedians, which Sonaoshi may have resented. Sonaoshi’s blunt dismissal of Miyamoto as a mere “civilian” also suggests a lack of respect for his former senior’s standing in the industry.

Clashing Comedic Styles and Personalities

The contrast between Miyamoto’s ebullient, people-pleasing persona and Sonaoshi’s acerbic, “pain-point-targeting” comedy style is another source of tension. Sonaoshi’s preference for a more traditional, purist approach to comedy may have led him to view Miyamoto’s antics as lacking in substance. The threat to Sonaoshi’s own comedic identity, represented by Miyamoto’s successful transition to YouTube, could also be a factor in their strained relationship.

The Ongoing Feud and Its Implications

The public spat between the two comedians, which has escalated to exchanges on their respective YouTube channels, suggests an unwillingness to reconcile their differences. While Sonaoshi claims to not truly dislike Miyamoto, he remains reluctant to acknowledge him as a fellow comedian. This divide in their professional and personal rapport may continue to shape the dynamics within the comedy community, with Sonaoshi’s “comedian purist” stance potentially clashing with Miyamoto’s more adaptable approach.

Q&A: Miyadera’s Shocking Reveal

Q: What is the background behind the conflict between Miyake and Sonaoshi?

A: There are several factors behind the conflict between Miyake and Sonaoshi: 1. Difference in their status as comedians – Sonaoshi sees himself as a more traditional comedian, while Miyake had to restart his career as a YouTuber after the “underground work” scandal. 2. Miyake’s impact on the comedy industry – Miyake’s scandal led to a negative image for the entire Yoshimoto Kogyo agency, which affected many other comedians. 3. Sonaoshi’s dismissive attitude towards Miyake – Sonaoshi referred to Miyake as a “regular person” rather than a fellow comedian, which was seen as disrespectful. 4. Differences in comedy styles and personalities – Sonaoshi’s sharp-tongued comedy contrasts with Miyake’s more lighthearted persona. 5. Sonaoshi’s perceived threat to his comedian identity – Miyake’s success as a YouTuber despite leaving the comedy world represents a new possibility that challenges Sonaoshi’s traditional views on being a comedian.

Q: What is the current status of Sonaoshi’s TV show “Shimofuri Variety”?

A: There are reports that Sonaoshi’s comedy show “Shimofuri Variety” is facing an abrupt cancellation. The show started in 2019 and was recently rebranded as “Shimofuri Variety X” with a reduced 20-minute timeslot in a late-night slot. According to sources, Sonaoshi’s side has indicated they may be ready to end the show, which is unusual timing for a program cancellation. The low ratings are likely a factor behind this decision.

Q: How successful is Sonaoshi’s YouTube career and overall income?

A: Sonaoshi has built an extremely successful YouTube presence, with over 4 million subscribers across 3 channels. His total YouTube views have surpassed 2 billion, and his estimated annual income from YouTube ad revenue alone is said to exceed 100 million yen. In addition to his YouTube earnings, Sonaoshi also has a lucrative career in traditional media. He earns over 100 million yen per year from regular TV programs, and has commanded fees of up to 150 million yen for commercial appearances. His total annual income is estimated to exceed 200 million yen, making him one of the highest-earning comedians in Japan.

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