Ichiro’s Wife Yumiko Fukushima Childless…Battling Stage 4 Cancer, Speechless…The Truth Behind Breakup with Former Newscaster Hidehiko Kuriyama…Shocked by Impending Divorce

Source: イチロー妻・福島弓子に子供がいない理由...ステージ4の癌闘病に言葉を失う...『元女子アナウンサー』の栗山英樹と婚約破棄した真相...離婚間近の現在に驚きを隠せない.../推しの故(


Ichiro’s wife Fumiko Fukushima’s battle with stage 4 cancer has left the public speechless. The former TV announcer’s broken engagement with Eijiro Kuriyama has also raised eyebrows, as their relationship nears divorce. This captivating story delves into the personal struggles and triumphs of these public figures.
  • Ichiro’s wife Yumiko Fukushima does not have children, but it is not due to cancer or illness as rumored.
  • Yumiko Fukushima was previously engaged to Hideki Kuriyama, but the engagement was broken off due to Kuriyama’s affair with tennis player Kimiko Date.
  • Yumiko Fukushima and Ichiro have been married for 25 years and have a strong, loving relationship despite their 8-year age gap.
  • Yumiko Fukushima is a former TBS news anchor and now runs a high-end esthetic salon and real estate investment company in the United States.
  • Ichiro and Yumiko Fukushima dote on their beloved dog, whom they treat like a child, as they were unable to have children of their own.

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Ichiro’s Wife Yumiko Fukushima: The Untold Story

Yumiko Fukushima’s Background

Yumiko Fukushima was born on December 10, 1965, in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture. She attended Matsue Prefectural Suehiro High School and later graduated from Keio Technical University with a degree in Literature. Fukushima started her career as a news anchor at TBS Television, where she covered various programs and events, including the Nagano Olympics.

Yumiko Fukushima’s Relationship with Ichiro

Fukushima and Ichiro first met in 1994 when Ichiro set a new professional baseball record of 210 hits. The following year, they started working together on Ichiro’s radio program, and their relationship blossomed from there. The couple got married in 1999 and Fukushima resigned from TBS to become a full-time housewife.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Real Estate Investments

In 2005, Fukushima and Ichiro established a company called IYI, which manages their substantial assets. Fukushima has taken on a significant role in the company, actively investing in real estate across the United States, including properties in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington. She has also ventured into the beauty industry, opening a high-end salon called Esalon in Seattle.

Overcoming Challenges and Maintaining a Strong Marriage

Despite rumors of divorce and Fukushima’s health issues, the couple has remained devoted to each other. They have faced various challenges, but their bond has only grown stronger over the 25 years of their marriage. Ichiro has publicly expressed his deep gratitude and appreciation for Fukushima’s unwavering support throughout his baseball career.

Ichiro’s Retirement and the Couple’s Current Life

After Ichiro’s retirement from professional baseball, the couple has continued to live in the United States, with Fukushima managing their business ventures and investments. They are known for their affectionate relationship and their love for their pet, a dog named Ichiro, which they treat as their own child.

Yumiko Fukushima’s Past Relationship with Hideki Kuriyama

Before her marriage to Ichiro, Fukushima was in a relationship with Hideki Kuriyama, a former baseball commentator. However, the relationship ended due to Kuriyama’s infidelity with tennis player Kimiko Date. This incident was a significant turning point in Fukushima’s life, leading her to eventually find happiness with Ichiro.

Q&A: Ichiro’s Wife Yukiko Childless: Cancer Battle Revealed

Here are the Q&A based on the provided English translation:

Ichiro’s Wife Yumiko Fukushima: Reason for Having No Children

A: According to the information, Ichiro and Yumiko Fukushima do not have any children. The rumors that Yumiko had a serious illness like stage 4 cancer and was unable to have children are unfounded. The couple has been happily married for 25 years, and the lack of children is not due to any illness, but rather just a personal choice.

Yumiko Fukushima’s Relationship with Hideki Kuriyama

A: Before marrying Ichiro, Yumiko Fukushima was previously in a relationship with Hideki Kuriyama. However, the relationship ended when it was revealed that Kuriyama was having an affair with tennis player Kimiko Date. Yumiko was devastated by the breakup, as Kuriyama had even sought permission from her family for marriage. The reason for the failed relationship was Kuriyama’s infidelity and his strong attachment to his mother, which Yumiko found unacceptable.

Yumiko Fukushima’s Business Ventures

A: In addition to being a former TV announcer, Yumiko Fukushima is also an accomplished businesswoman. She and Ichiro co-founded a company called IYI, which manages their substantial assets. Yumiko also owns and operates a high-end esthetic salon called Esalon in Seattle, which has become popular among local celebrities. She has also invested in real estate across the United States, reportedly owning properties worth over $100 million.

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