Anzu Hospitalized in Emergency… Masahiro Higashide Continues Relentless Psychological Attacks on Ex-Wife Even After Divorce, Shocking Revelations! Toxic Parents and Financial Troubles, Husband’s Affair, Anzu’s Misfortunes as a Mother of 3, Physician’s Devastating Diagnosis… [Entertainment]

Source: 杏が緊急入院…東出昌大が離婚後も執拗に精神攻撃を元嫁に続ける驚きの真相に絶句!毒親と金銭トラブル、旦那の不倫、3児の母となった杏の周囲で次々におこる不幸、医師から通告された絶句の病状が…【芸能】/芸能レジスタンス(


Actress Anju has been rushed to the hospital, as her ex-husband’s relentless psychological abuse continues even after their divorce. Amidst family turmoil, financial troubles, and her husband’s infidelity, Anju’s deteriorating health condition has left medical professionals stunned.
  • Actress An has been hospitalized in Japan since June 7, 2024 for an undisclosed reason.
  • An moved to France in 2022 with her three children, and has continued her acting career while living there.
  • An’s ex-husband, Masahiro Higashide, has continued to harass her even after their divorce in 2020.
  • Higashide’s behavior, including involving their children, is a major source of stress for An.
  • An’s current health condition is not publicly known, but it is hoped that she can recover and continue her successful acting career.

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Ahn’s Unexpected Hospitalization and the Ongoing Saga with Ex-Husband Higashide Masahiro

Ahn’s Flourishing Career and Personal Life

Ahn, a renowned actress, has graced numerous films and commercials with her vibrant and youthful presence. Known for her captivating performances and striking appearance, Ahn has established herself as a leading figure in the entertainment industry. Despite a brief hiatus from 2016 to 2018, Ahn has continued to thrive, recently starring in a film that was just released.

Ahn’s Move to France and the Impact on Her Family

In 2022, Ahn made the decision to relocate to France with her three children, seeking a new chapter in her life. The move to the more open and culturally rich environment of Europe has provided Ahn with a sense of belonging and inspiration, allowing her to continue her acting career while embracing a different way of living.

Ahn’s Unexpected Hospitalization and the Reasons Behind It

In June 2024, it was reported that Ahn had been secretly hospitalized in Japan. Ahn, who had been feeling unwell for several months, decided to take a few days off to undergo medical examinations, fearing that any health issues could impact her work. The hospitalization was a precautionary measure, and at the time of the report, no serious illnesses had been discovered.

Ahn’s Ongoing Struggles with Ex-Husband Higashide Masahiro

The Aftermath of Higashide’s Infidelity and Divorce

Ahn’s personal life has been further complicated by her tumultuous relationship with her ex-husband, Higashide Masahiro. In 2020, Higashide’s three-year affair with actress Tando Erika was exposed, leading to his divorce from Ahn. While Higashide’s popularity initially plummeted, he has since made a comeback, with his natural lifestyle and appearances in various media projects garnering attention.

Higashide’s Continued Presence in Ahn’s Life

Despite the divorce, Higashide’s presence in Ahn’s life has remained a source of concern. Ahn has expressed discomfort with the frequent discussions surrounding her children and the divorce, as she believes these topics should be handled with sensitivity, especially for the sake of her children.

Higashide’s Parenting Approach and Its Impact on Ahn

Ahn’s worries extend to Higashide’s parenting approach, as reports have surfaced about his sporadic payment of child support and his children’s disappointment over his failure to deliver promised birthday gifts. Ahn’s decision to relocate to France may have been influenced by her desire to shield her children from the public scrutiny and potential bullying they could face in Japan due to their father’s actions.

In conclusion, Ahn’s current situation is a complex tapestry of professional success, personal challenges, and the lingering effects of her divorce from Higashide Masahiro. As she navigates these obstacles, the public’s support and understanding will be crucial in allowing Ahn to focus on her health and the well-being of her family.

Q&A: Ange Hospitalized: Higashide Masahiro’s Relentless Attacks on Ex-Wife

Q: What is the reason for Ahn’s emergency hospitalization?

According to the text, Ahn has been feeling unwell since earlier this year and decided to be hospitalized for a few days as a precaution, in case her health issues affected her work. The hospitalization was kept secret, and it was reported in a magazine on June 6th.

Q: What is Ahn’s current situation and lifestyle?

Ahn has been living in France with her three children since 2022, after considering moving there for some time. She has continued her acting career, starring in a recent film. Despite being less visible on TV in recent years, she remains active as an actress.

Q: What is the relationship between Ahn and her ex-husband Higashide Masahiro?

Ahn and Higashide divorced in 2020 after Higashide’s affair was revealed. Since then, Higashide has continued his acting career, appearing in films and TV shows. However, Ahn is reportedly bothered by Higashide frequently discussing their divorce and children in the media, which she finds to be a sensitive topic.

Video: Anya is urgently hospitalized… Masahiro Higashide continues to mentally attack his ex-wife even after divorce, the shocking truth that leaves one speechless! Toxic parents and financial troubles, her husband’s affair, the misfortunes that befall the mother of three children, the doctor’s notification of the speechless condition… [Entertainment]

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