The Untold Story: Chie Ishida’s Controversial “Son Murder” Remark and Her Uncompromising Motherly Tactics

Source: 石田さんチの石田千恵子の“息子殺害”発言の真意…スタッフを容赦なく出禁にする肝っ玉母ちゃんのマル秘エピソード!/ハイカラビデオ(


A devoted mother’s fiery passion and unwavering protection of her family at all costs. Uncover the untold story behind the controversial remarks that have captivated the public, as this uncompromising matriarch navigates the complexities of life in the spotlight.
  • The Ishida family, a large family of 111 people, has been the subject of a long-running Japanese TV series for 27 years.
  • Chie Ishida, the mother of the family, is known for her strict parenting style and her willingness to ban staff members from the household.
  • Chie Ishida believes that raising children is a collaborative effort, and she expects the TV crew to be involved in the childcare process.
  • The TV series has captured the real-life challenges and conflicts within the Ishida family, including sibling fights and marital disputes.
  • Chie Ishida’s unwavering commitment to her family and her refusal to compromise her principles have been key factors in the success of the TV series.

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Chie Ishida’s Parenting Approach and Insights

Chie Ishida’s Uncompromising Stance on Parenting

Chie Ishida, the mother of the famous large family featured on the long-running Japanese television series, is known for her unwavering commitment to raising her children. She firmly believes that parenting is a collaborative effort, and she has no tolerance for those who try to take a hands-off approach. Ishida has been known to swiftly ban individuals from her home if they make comments that disrupt the family’s dynamic.

Balancing the Needs of a Large Family

Ishida acknowledges the challenges of coordinating mealtimes and schedules for her large family of 111 members. She has made it clear that she will not tolerate demands for the entire family to gather for meals, as the children’s various activities and commitments make this logistically impossible. Ishida’s priority is to ensure that each child’s individual needs are met, even if it means sacrificing the idealized image of a large family dining together.

Embracing the Realities of Family Life

The television series featuring the Ishida family has been praised for its authenticity, capturing the real-life struggles and conflicts that arise within a large household. Ishida has been open about the occasional violent arguments and marital tensions that have occurred, refusing to present a sanitized version of family life. She believes that by embracing these realities, the program can provide a genuine and relatable portrayal of the challenges and joys of raising a large family.

Collaboration and Responsibility in Parenting

Ishida’s approach to parenting is rooted in the belief that it is a shared responsibility. She has emphasized the importance of the television crew being actively involved in the family’s daily life, rather than simply observing from the sidelines. Ishida’s philosophy is that parenting is a collaborative effort, and she expects everyone involved to take an active role in supporting the family’s well-being.

Unwavering Commitment and Unconditional Love

At the core of Ishida’s parenting style is an unwavering commitment to her children and an unconditional love that knows no bounds. She has made it clear that she will never abandon or give up on her children, even in the face of their most challenging behaviors or rebellious phases. Ishida’s steadfast dedication to her family has been a driving force behind the success and longevity of the television series.

Embracing the Unexpected in Parenting

Ishida’s approach to parenting acknowledges the unpredictable nature of raising children. She has been open about the various challenges and surprises that have arisen, from sibling conflicts to unexpected life events. Rather than trying to control every aspect of her family’s life, Ishida has embraced the spontaneity and adaptability required to navigate the ups and downs of parenting a large household.

Q&A: Chie Ishida’s Shocking Confession

Chie Ishida’s Perspective on Parenting

A: Chie Ishida, the mother of the famous large family featured on the long-running TV program, has shared her insights on parenting. She emphasizes that parenting is a collaborative effort, not just the responsibility of the parents. Ishida believes that the production crew should also be involved in the child-rearing process, rather than being mere observers. She has been known to be strict with her rules, even going so far as to ban those who go against her principles. Ishida’s unwavering commitment to raising her children in her own way has been a key factor in the success of the program.

Ishida’s Approach to Family Meals

A: Ishida had a strict policy regarding family meals. She would not tolerate requests for everyone to gather for meals, as she understood the practical challenges of coordinating such a large family with various schedules. Ishida’s approach was to allow each family member to eat at their own time, rather than forcing a collective mealtime. This reflects her pragmatic and flexible mindset when it comes to parenting a large household.

Ishida’s Handling of Conflicts

A: Ishida has been known to handle conflicts within the family in a decisive manner. She has stated that she would personally deal with any rebellious behavior from her children, rather than allowing the production crew to intervene. This demonstrates Ishida’s strong sense of responsibility and her unwillingness to let outsiders interfere with the family’s dynamics.

Ishida’s Parenting Philosophy

A: Ishida’s parenting philosophy can be summarized by her statement, “Don’t have any expectations, and just do what you feel is right.” This reflects her pragmatic and flexible approach to raising her large family. Ishida believes that parenting should not be based on preconceived notions or societal expectations, but rather on the unique needs and circumstances of each child.

Video: The title translated to English is: “The true meaning of Chie Ishida’s ‘son murder’ statement… A behind-the-scenes episode of the merciless mother who bans staff from the premises!”

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