Higashiyama Kento’s Shocking Revelation: Takahashi Kaito’s Secret Staircase with Hirano Shō, King & Prince’s Decline, Nagase Ren’s Hiatus, and Ongoing Contact with Former Juniors【Entertainment】

髙橋海人が平野紫耀と極秘階段した内容に驚きを隠せない…!!King & Princeの低迷、永瀬廉の活動休止にSOS、古巣の旧ジャニ残留組とコンタクトを取り続ける理由に衝撃【芸能】
Source: 髙橋海人が平野紫耀と極秘階段した内容に驚きを隠せない…!!King & Princeの低迷、永瀬廉の活動休止にSOS、古巣の旧ジャニ残留組とコンタクトを取り続ける理由に衝撃【芸能】/芸能レジスタンス(


Renowned Japanese idol Takahashi Kaito’s secret staircase encounter with Hirano Shiho has left fans stunned. This shocking revelation sheds light on the struggles faced by King & Prince, as well as Nagase Ren’s hiatus, hinting at the idol’s ongoing connections with former Johnnys members.
  • The article discusses the declining popularity of the Japanese idol group King & Prince, with members Takanashi Ren and Takahashi Kaito continuing to perform after three members left the group.
  • Takanashi and Takahashi have recently established their own entertainment company, King & Prince Inc., and are now the co-representatives and shareholders of the company.
  • The group’s latest single, “Half Moon Move,” released on May 23rd, struggled to reach the group’s usual sales of over 300,000 copies, causing concern among fans.
  • Takahashi has been reportedly consulting with former member Hirano Sho about the group’s situation, as the two were known to be close friends.
  • The article also mentions that member Nagase Ren had to take a temporary break from activities due to an injury to his right ear that required surgery.

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Takanashi Kaito’s Consultation with Hirano Sho Amid King & Prince’s Struggles

King & Prince’s Declining Popularity and Nagase Ren’s Activity Suspension

King & Prince, the popular Japanese idol group, has faced various challenges recently. After three members departed, Nagase Ren and Takanashi Kaito have continued their activities. The group released their 15th single, “Half Moon Move,” on May 23, 2023, but the sales did not meet the group’s usual high standards, barely reaching the 300,000 copies milestone that they had achieved with their previous 14 singles. This has caused concern among the group’s fans about the future of King & Prince.

Takanashi Kaito’s Consultation with Former Member Hirano Sho

In the midst of these struggles, it has been reported that Takanashi Kaito has been consulting with former member Hirano Sho, who had a close relationship with Takanashi. The two were known as a “close-knit duo” and had many heartwarming stories, such as Hirano surprising Takanashi on his 20th birthday. Their strong friendship has continued even after Hirano’s departure from the group, and Takanashi is now seeking Hirano’s advice on the current situation of King & Prince, including the establishment of the new King & Prince Entertainment company.

Nagase Ren’s Injury and Temporary Activity Suspension

Adding to the group’s challenges, Nagase Ren, the other remaining member of King & Prince, has suffered an injury to his right ear during the preparation for a concert. He underwent surgery and has been temporarily suspended from activities for about two weeks, further complicating the group’s situation.

Fans’ Concerns and Hopes for King & Prince’s Future

Fans of King & Prince have expressed both anxiety and support for the group’s current state. While they are concerned about the declining sales and the group’s struggles, they also have high hopes that Nagase and Takanashi will be able to overcome these challenges and continue to deliver their signature performances.

The Importance of Hirano Sho’s Advice and the Group’s Friendship

Given the close relationship between Takanashi and Hirano, the consultation between the two is seen as a positive sign. Fans hope that Hirano’s advice and the strong friendship within the group will help King & Prince navigate through this difficult period and regain their former popularity and success.

The Impact of Streaming and the Group’s Future Strategies

Additionally, the group’s decision to make their entire discography available on music streaming platforms may have contributed to the lower CD sales for their latest single. The group and their management will likely need to carefully consider their future strategies to balance the demands of physical and digital music consumption.

Q&A: Takahashi Kaito’s Secret Staircase with Hirano Shō

Q: What is the current status of King & Prince’s popularity and activities?

A: King & Prince’s popularity has been declining recently. Their latest single “Half Moon Move” released on May 23, 2023 only sold around 230,000 copies in the first two days, which is lower than their previous releases. However, they were able to eventually surpass the 300,000 copies milestone, achieving their 15th consecutive single to do so. Despite this, fans have expressed concerns about the group’s future sales and sustainability.

Q: What is the relationship between Takanashi Shintaro and Hirano Sho, and how are they involved with King & Prince’s current situation?

A: Takanashi Shintaro and Hirano Sho have been close friends for a long time, often referred to as the “inseparable duo.” They have shared many heartwarming stories and memories together, such as Hirano surprising Takanashi on his 20th birthday. Takanashi is reportedly consulting Hirano about the current state of King & Prince and the newly established King & Prince Entertainment company, as Hirano has experience and insight that could be valuable.

Q: What challenges has King & Prince faced recently, and how have the members responded?

A: King & Prince has faced several challenges recently, including the departure of three members, the injury of Nagase Ren, and the mixed reception to their latest single release. In response, the remaining members, Takanashi Shintaro and Nagase Ren, have taken on a more active role by establishing their own entertainment company, King & Prince Entertainment. They have also expressed their determination to continue working hard and protecting what is most important to them.

Video: Takanashi Kaito cannot hide his surprise at the secret staircase with Hirano Shiho…!! King & Prince’s slump, Nagase Ren’s activity suspension in SOS, the reason for continuing to contact the remaining members of the old Johnny’s group is shocking【Entertainment】

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