Shocking Announcement: Toshimitsu from Tokai Online Ties the Knot! Fans Stunned by the Identity of His YouTuber Wife…! The Real Reason Behind the Rumored Rift with Mushimegane Revealed.

Source: 【衝撃】東海オンエア・としみつが電撃結婚を発表!!同じYouTuber妻の正体に驚きを隠せない...!!同メンバー虫眼鏡と不仲と言われた本当の理由とは.../おジャ魔所だより(


The shocking announcement of YouTuber Toshimitsu’s sudden marriage has left fans stunned. Rumors of discord with fellow member Mushimegane add intrigue to this unexpected union. Uncover the true reasons behind their alleged feud and the identity of the YouTuber bride.
  • Toshimitsu from the YouTube group Tokai On Air announced his surprise marriage and pregnancy.
  • Toshimitsu’s wife is also a YouTuber known as Mako, which has surprised many fans.
  • Toshimitsu’s group leader Tetsuya also announced that he is expecting a child with a former AKB48 member.
  • Toshimitsu has had several past relationships, including a girlfriend in 2015 and a rumored relationship with a freelance announcer in 2019.
  • Toshimitsu and Mako’s relationship was officially confirmed in 2020 through a media report, and they have now announced their marriage and pregnancy.

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Toshimitsu’s Marriage Announcement and His Relationship History

Toshimitsu’s Marriage Announcement

Toshimitsu, a member of the YouTube group Tokai On Air, announced his marriage and pregnancy of his wife in a video titled “Doubt” on May 26, 2024. The announcement was made during the group’s 5-month hiatus, and Toshimitsu’s wife, Mako, who is also a YouTuber, appeared in the video to confirm the news. The announcement was met with many congratulatory comments from fans.

Toshimitsu’s Relationship History

Toshimitsu’s relationship history has been a topic of interest among his fans. He has had three known girlfriends: 1. His first girlfriend, whose details were not disclosed, dated him from around May 2015 to July 2017. 2. His second girlfriend was rumored to be freelance announcer Hana, but Toshimitsu denied the relationship in a video. 3. His current wife, Mako, is also a YouTuber. Their relationship was first reported by the media in September 2020, and they officially married in October 2023.

Toshimitsu’s Personality and Relationships with Teammates

Toshimitsu is known for his sometimes grumpy and expressionless demeanor, which has led to him being called “Seiri” (Organizer) by fans. His relationship with his teammate, Mushimegane, has also been a topic of discussion, with rumors of them having conflicts in the past. However, their relationship seems to have improved recently.

Toshimitsu’s Income and Lifestyle

Toshimitsu’s income is estimated to be around 30 million yen, primarily from his YouTube activities. He is known to own an expensive watch, but his car is not considered particularly high-end.


Toshimitsu’s marriage announcement and his relationship history have been the subject of much interest among his fans. Despite his sometimes grumpy personality, he remains a beloved member of the Tokai On Air group, and fans are excited to see what the future holds for him and his new family.

Q&A: Tokai Online’s Toshimitsu Announces Surprise Marriage to Fellow YouTuber

Questions about Toshimitsu’s Marriage

A: Toshimitsu, a member of the YouTube group Tokai On Air, announced his marriage and pregnancy of his wife in a video on May 26, 2024. The announcement came as a shock to many fans, as Toshimitsu’s relationship with his wife, who is also a YouTuber named Mako, was not publicly known before.

Toshimitsu’s Dating History

A: Toshimitsu has had a few known relationships in the past. His first girlfriend was a non-celebrity woman, and they dated from around 2015 to 2017. His second rumored girlfriend was a freelance announcer named Hana, but Toshimitsu denied the relationship. Toshimitsu’s current wife, Mako, is his third known girlfriend, and their relationship was confirmed in a media report in September 2020.

Toshimitsu’s Relationship with Mushimegane

A: Toshimitsu and his Tokai On Air member Mushimegane have been rumored to have an uneasy relationship in the past. There have been instances where they appeared to be in a light argument, but recently they seem to have a good relationship. It’s not uncommon for members of a YouTube group to have some disagreements, but they seem to have worked through any issues.

Video: [Translated Title]: Shocking! Toshimitsu of East Sea On Air Announces Sudden Marriage! The True Identity of His YouTuber Wife Leaves Everyone Stunned…!! The Real Reason Behind the Reported Rift with Fellow Member Mushimegane Revealed…

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