Yoshi Saori’s Bloody Love Letter to Akira Nakao… Shocked by the Exposed In-Car S*X of the Two, Famous Actress Tetsuhiro Watase’s Love Triangle and Illegitimate Child Ending… Unable to Hide Surprise Over Her Past as a Smoker…

Source: 吉永小百合が中尾彬に贈った血文字のラブレター...暴露された2人の車内S●Xに言葉を失う...『天国の駅』で有名な女優の渡哲也との三角関係の末路や隠し子...愛煙家だった過去に驚きを隠せない.../推しの故(


A legendary actress’s secret love affair with a renowned actor is exposed, revealing a scandalous love triangle and hidden family secrets. Uncover the passionate and turbulent relationship that captivated the public’s imagination.
  • Sayuri Yoshinaga, a renowned actress who has won numerous awards including the Japan Academy Prize for Best Actress, revealed details about her past, including her film debut 65 years ago and her relationship with Akira Nakao.
  • Yoshinaga discussed incidents during film shoots, such as when she went missing and was found sleeping in a closet, and the tragic deaths of her co-stars Tetsuya Watari and Akira Nakao.
  • Yoshinaga was known to be a heavy smoker, often smoking on set while filming, and was even involved in a gun incident at her home in 1963 when a fan broke in, leading to a standoff with the police.
  • Despite her successful career, Yoshinaga had a tumultuous personal life, with rumors of love affairs and unrequited love with actors like Koji Ishizaka.
  • Yoshinaga’s acting career has spanned decades, and she continues to be a beloved figure in the Japanese film industry, even as she approaches her 80s.

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Sayuri Yoshinaga’s Passionate Love Affair with Akira Nakao

Sayuri Yoshinaga’s Disappearance During Film Shoots

Sayuri Yoshinaga, a renowned actress who has won numerous awards including the Japan Academy Prize for Best Actress, revealed that she had gone missing during film shoots in the past. During the special screening event for the release of her photo book commemorating her 65th anniversary as a film actress, Yoshinaga reminisced about the time when she had disappeared and was found sleeping in a closet, with her co-stars affectionately calling her “cute.”

Sayuri Yoshinaga’s Relationship with Akira Nakao

Yoshinaga’s relationship with actor Akira Nakao was also discussed. It was revealed that during the time they were co-stars, Nakao was allowed to pick up Yoshinaga from the Waseda University campus, and there were instances where Yoshinaga would even kiss Nakao in the car. Nakao also shared an incident where Yoshinaga fell asleep with her head on his lap while they were driving back from Waseda, and he resisted the temptation to engage in any sexual activity.

Sayuri Yoshinaga’s Passionate Love Letter Written in Blood

Yoshinaga’s relationship with Nakao took an unexpected turn when she wrote him a love letter in her own blood while on a location shoot in the Netherlands. Nakao found this gesture both endearing and unsettling, but he couldn’t help but be charmed by Yoshinaga’s romantic gesture.

Sayuri Yoshinaga’s Tumultuous Love Life

Sayuri Yoshinaga’s Relationship with Tetsurō Watari

In 1966, Yoshinaga co-starred with Tetsurō Watari in the film “Record of Love and Death,” and the two reportedly had a close relationship. Watari was even referred to as Yoshinaga’s “god” by their mutual friends.

Sayuri Yoshinaga’s Failed Relationship with Tetsurō Watari

However, Yoshinaga’s relationship with Watari ultimately ended, and she moved on to a new romance with actor Tetsurō Watanabe. Yoshinaga revealed that the reason for her breakup with Watari was that her parents could not approve of their relationship, and she had to directly tell Watanabe that they could not get married.

Sayuri Yoshinaga’s Unrequited Love for Koji Ishizaka

Yoshinaga also had a crush on actor Koji Ishizaka, but he only saw her as a sister-like figure and did not reciprocate her romantic feelings.

Sayuri Yoshinaga’s Reputation as a Heavy Smoker

Sayuri Yoshinaga’s Smoking Habits During Film Shoots

Yoshinaga was known to be a heavy smoker, and this was evident in her portrayal of the character Akiko Yosa in a film, where she was often seen surrounded by an ashtray full of cigarette butts and even lying on the tatami while smoking.

Sayuri Yoshinaga’s Involvement in a Shooting Incident

In 1963, when Yoshinaga was 18 years old, her family home was invaded by a gun-wielding fan who was obsessed with her. The incident resulted in a police officer being injured, and the fan was eventually arrested and charged.

Q&A: Saori Yoshinaga’s Bloody Love Letter to Akira Nakao…Shocking Car Sex Exposed…Tragic Love Triangle with Tetsuya Watari, Star of ‘Heaven Station’…Smoking Past Revealed

Q: What was the relationship between Sayuri Yoshinaga and Akira Nakao?

A: According to the text, Sayuri Yoshinaga and Akira Nakao had a close relationship. They were co-stars in a film, and Nakao revealed that Yoshinaga would sometimes kiss him and even fell asleep with her head on his lap while they were driving back from the studio. However, Nakao said he did not take advantage of the situation despite the intimate circumstances.

Q: What incident involving a love letter written in blood occurred between Sayuri Yoshinaga and Akira Nakao?

A: The text mentions that Sayuri Yoshinaga wrote a “love letter in blood” for Akira Nakao. Apparently, while on location in the Netherlands, Yoshinaga cut her finger and used the blood to write the letter, which Nakao found to be “cute” despite the unusual gesture.

Q: What was Sayuri Yoshinaga’s relationship with actor Tetsuya Watari?

A: The text states that Sayuri Yoshinaga had a major love affair with actor Tetsuya Watari, which lasted for over 2 years. However, the relationship ultimately ended because Yoshinaga was unable to convince her parents to approve of the marriage.

Q: What incident involving a gun-wielding intruder occurred at Sayuri Yoshinaga’s home?

A: In 1963, when Sayuri Yoshinaga was 18 years old, a gun-wielding man broke into her family’s home in Tokyo. The intruder, a fan of Yoshinaga’s named Kenji Watanabe, had hoped to carve his name into her body as a “memento.” During the incident, a police officer was shot and injured, but Yoshinaga and her family were ultimately unharmed.

Video: Love letter in blood that Sayuri Yoshinaga gave to Akira Nakawo… Speechless over the car sex of the two people… The aftermath and hidden child of the love triangle with the famous actress Tetsurō Watari, known for “Heaven Station”… Unable to hide the surprise over her past as a smoker…

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