Table Tennis Star Junpei Mizutani’s Shocking Assault Incident: Athlete’s Arrest Reveals Disturbing Details

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Disgraced table tennis star Mizutani Jun faces backlash after alleged assault on sex worker. The shocking incident has rocked the sport, raising questions about the personal conduct of elite athletes. Details of the case and its impact on Mizutani’s family and career remain under scrutiny.
  • The text summarizes the scandal involving Japanese table tennis player Jun Mizutani, including his alleged assault on a sex worker, his extramarital affair, and the subsequent blackmail incident.
  • Mizutani was a prominent male table tennis player who won a gold medal at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. He retired in 2022 but was involved in several controversies.
  • Mizutani was accused of assaulting a sex worker in 2019, and his affair with an 18-year-old woman was also revealed, leading to a blackmail attempt by the woman’s boyfriend.
  • Despite the scandals, Mizutani’s wife forgave him, and he was able to perform well at the Tokyo Olympics after the incidents.
  • Mizutani was also known for his high earnings, with an estimated annual income of over 100 million yen during his playing career.

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Harimoto’s Assault Incident: The Shocking Revelations

Harimoto’s Alleged Misconduct and Arrest

According to reports, former table tennis player Harimoto Jun was involved in an assault incident in 2019. It was alleged that Harimoto visited a members-only lounge in Tokyo and met a woman, with whom he exchanged contact information. The two then began communicating frequently, with Harimoto expressing his affection for the woman. Harimoto later invited the woman to a location in Kawasaki, where they spent time together at a restaurant and a karaoke box until the early morning hours. During this encounter, Harimoto allegedly became increasingly affectionate, engaging in actions such as laying his head on the woman’s lap and hugging her from behind, even going so far as to kiss her.

The Extortion Attempt and Legal Consequences

It was later revealed that the woman Harimoto had been involved with was already in a relationship with another man. When this man discovered the interactions between Harimoto and the woman, he and a friend allegedly attempted to extort money from Harimoto, threatening to expose the affair. Harimoto reported the incident to the police, and the two men were arrested on suspicion of attempted extortion. The woman’s boyfriend was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison with a 4-year suspended sentence, while his friend received a 2-year prison sentence with a 4-year suspended sentence.

Harimoto’s Marriage and Family Life

Harimoto had been married to his high school sweetheart, Minami, since 2013. The couple has a daughter named Marika, who was born in 2014. Despite the scandal, Harimoto’s wife reportedly forgave him and the couple remained together. Harimoto has expressed his desire for his daughter not to follow in his footsteps as a professional athlete, citing the difficulties and sorrows he has experienced in his own career.

Harimoto’s Coaching Controversy

In addition to the personal scandal, Harimoto’s former practice partner and coach was also involved in a shocking incident. The coach, who had worked with national team players such as Ishikawa Kasumi and Katoh Miyuu, was also a popular host in the Kabukicho district of Tokyo. In 2018, the coach was accused of assaulting a female client, allegedly kicking her multiple times in the thigh. The coach denied the allegations, but the incident tarnished the reputation of the table tennis community.

Harimoto’s Earnings and Future Endeavors

During his professional career, Harimoto’s estimated annual income was reported to be over 100 million yen. This income was derived from various sources, including sponsorship deals, television appearances, and book royalties. Since his retirement in 2022, Harimoto has continued to be involved in the promotion and development of table tennis in Japan, and his future activities are eagerly anticipated by fans and the table tennis community.

Q&A: Ping Pong Star Mizutani Jun’s Shocking Assault

Q: Who is Jyun Mizutani?

Jyun Mizutani is a former Japanese table tennis player. He won a gold medal in the men’s doubles event at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Q: What controversy was Mizutani involved in?

In 2019, Mizutani was involved in a scandal regarding an extramarital affair with an 18-year-old woman. The affair led to an extortion attempt by the woman’s boyfriend, which resulted in Mizutani filing a criminal complaint.

Q: What happened with Mizutani’s coach who was also a host?

One of Mizutani’s former practice partners, who was also a table tennis coach, was revealed to be a host in the Kabukicho district of Tokyo. In 2018, this coach was accused of assaulting a female customer at his host club.

Q: What is known about Mizutani’s wife and family?

Mizutani married his high school sweetheart in 2013. They have a daughter named Marika. Mizutani’s wife learned of his affair through a weekly magazine report, which was reportedly very shocking for her.

Q: How much did Mizutani earn as a professional table tennis player?

Mizutani’s estimated annual income as a professional player was over 100 million yen, from sources such as sponsorship deals, TV appearances, and book royalties, in addition to prize money.

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