King & Prince 5 Members’ Intimate Audio Leaked, Revealing Shocking Fetishes! Culprit Fujishima Jurie Keiko’s Disturbing Motives Exposed!

Source: 岸優太含むキンプリ5人のハメ撮り音声が流出、性癖がヤバすぎた!犯人が藤島ジュリー景子…その目的に会いた口が塞がらない!!【芸能】/芸能レジスタンス(


Scandal erupts as intimate audio recordings of the popular boy band King & Prince are leaked, exposing their shocking sexual preferences. The culprit, Juliet Fujishima, has a sinister motive that leaves the public speechless.
  • The article discusses the recent scandal involving the K-pop group King & Prince, where private audio recordings of the members were leaked online.
  • The leaked audio contained explicit and vulgar conversations among the members, including discussions about their sexual preferences and habits.
  • Despite the scandalous nature of the leaked audio, fans have reacted positively, viewing it as a glimpse into the members’ private lives and finding the conversations amusing and relatable.
  • The article speculates that the leaked audio may have been recorded during an Instagram live stream or a car ride, and the culprit could be a former manager or staff member of the group.
  • While the incident has not caused significant damage to the group’s image, it has raised concerns about the group’s management and the need for better privacy protection measures.

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Yuta Kishi and the Shocking Scandal of King & Prince

The Leaked Private Audio of King & Prince Members

The private audio recording of King & Prince members, including Shota Hirano, Yuta Kishi, and Yuta Jinguji, who are now part of the group Number I, as well as Takahashi from King & Prince, has been leaked online. The audio, which is believed to be from the time when King & Prince was still a five-member group, contains explicit and humorous conversations among the members, revealing their private lives and interests.

The Reaction from Fans

Surprisingly, the fans have reacted positively to the leaked audio, with many expressing that they are not surprised by the content and that it is normal for young men to engage in such conversations. The fans have even commented that the leaked audio is more entertaining than the official fan club content, as it provides a rare glimpse into the private lives of the top idols.

The Possible Culprit and the Investigation

The investigation into the source of the leaked audio is ongoing, with suspicions pointing towards a former manager of King & Prince, Jurie Fujishima. It is believed that Fujishima may have planted a recording device in the members’ vehicle during a trip to Shizuoka, where the audio was allegedly recorded. However, without concrete evidence, the culprit has not been officially identified.

The Potential Consequences and the Agency’s Response

While the leaked audio does not seem to have caused significant damage to the group’s image, the incident raises concerns about the agency’s crisis management and the potential for further breaches of the members’ privacy. The agency may need to address the issue and take appropriate measures to ensure the safety and security of the artists.

The Future of King & Prince and Number I

Despite the scandal, both King & Prince and Number I continue to thrive and explore new opportunities. King & Prince has recently established a new company, King & Prince Inc., and the members are actively engaged in various projects, including the release of new music and the conclusion of their long-running manga series. Number I, led by Hirano, Kishi, and Jinguji, has also been making waves with their latest single, “Bon.”


The leaked private audio of King & Prince has sparked a discussion about the balance between the public and private lives of idols. While the fans have reacted positively, the incident highlights the need for stronger security measures and a more proactive approach to protecting the artists’ privacy.

Q&A: Leaked Audio of KinKi Kids’ Yuta Kishi’s Scandalous Fetish

Q: Who are the members of King & Prince mentioned in the text?

The members of King & Prince mentioned in the text are Nagase Ren, Takahashi Kaito, Hirano Sho, Jinguji Yuta, and Kishi Yuta.

Q: What happened to the group King & Prince?

According to the text, in May 2023, Hirano Sho, Jinguji Yuta, and Kishi Yuta left King & Prince and formed a new group called 2B. The remaining members, Nagase Ren and Takahashi Kaito, continued to perform as King & Prince.

Q: What is the “leaked audio” incident involving King & Prince?

The text mentions that private audio recordings of King & Prince members, including Hirano Sho, Kishi Yuta, and Jinguji Yuta, as well as Takahashi Kaito, were leaked online. The recordings contained explicit and inappropriate conversations among the members.

Q: Who is suspected of leaking the audio recordings?

The text suggests that the person who leaked the audio recordings is likely a former manager of King & Prince, such as Fujishima Jurie Keiko. The text mentions that there were rumors of Fujishima replacing the group’s manager with one of her close associates, which caused tension within the group.

Video: Kinpuri 5 members including Kishi Yuta’s leaked sex tape, their fetishes are too extreme! The culprit is Fujishima Jurie Keiko… their purpose is shocking!!【Entertainment】

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