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Disgraced comedian Nabesako issues a desperate plea for forgiveness, but his co-star Soushina’s relentless attacks prove too much to handle. Staffers’ scathing reviews of Nabesako’s performance only add to the spectacle, leaving onlookers in stitches.
  • The summary focuses on the conflict between Miyasako, a former member of the comedy duo Rainy Day, and Sosuke, a member of the comedy duo Shitabiri Akagi.
  • Miyasako apologized to Sosuke for his comments made at a YouTuber’s birthday event, which caused a stir online.
  • Sosuke continued to mock and criticize Miyasako, even after the apology, on his own YouTube channel.
  • The article discusses the mixed reactions from the public, with some criticizing Sosuke’s insensitive behavior, while others felt Miyasako’s pride was getting in the way of him fully embracing the situation.
  • The article concludes by noting that the battle between the two comedians is not yet over, and the future developments are worth following.

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Miyasako’s Apology and Sonaoshi’s Relentless Attack

Miyasako’s Apology and Reflection

Miyasako, a former member of the comedy duo Rainy Day, and a YouTuber, recently updated his official YouTube channel to address his ongoing battle with Sonaoshi, another comedian. Miyasako explained that he had been urged by his wife to make the video, as the situation had caused a lot of controversy. He acknowledged that his comments made during Hirakal’s birthday event were inappropriate and apologized, stating that he did not actually claim to have created the program, but rather that it was a collaborative effort. Miyasako also revealed that he had reached out to the program’s producer and his former partner, Hara Toru, to apologize.

Sonaoshi’s Response and Reaction

In response, Sonaoshi updated his own YouTube channel with his regular “One-Man Approval” segment, where he addressed the situation. Sonaoshi expressed sympathy for Miyasako, but also continued his relentless attack, mocking Miyasako’s misfortune and declaring that the battle was far from over. Sonaoshi’s comments and behavior have been criticized by some viewers, who feel that his approach is insensitive and goes too far.

Miyasako’s Plea for Mercy

In his video, Miyasako pleaded with Sonaoshi to stop the ongoing battle, stating that he was tired of the constant attacks and criticism. He acknowledged that he had made mistakes, but asked Sonaoshi to have mercy and leave him alone. Miyasako also addressed his fans, assuring them that he was not bothered by the negative comments and that he would continue to work hard for those who supported him.

The Aftermath and Future Outlook

Criticism and Reactions from the Public

The ongoing battle between Miyasako and Sonaoshi has generated a lot of discussion and criticism online. Some viewers have expressed sympathy for Miyasako, feeling that Sonaoshi’s approach is too harsh and insensitive. Others have criticized Miyasako for his perceived lack of humility and his reluctance to fully acknowledge his mistakes.

The Future of the Feud

It remains to be seen whether this battle will come to a peaceful conclusion. Miyasako’s plea for mercy and his acknowledgment of his mistakes may indicate a desire to end the conflict, but Sonaoshi’s continued attacks suggest that the feud is far from over. Fans and the public will continue to closely follow the developments in this ongoing saga.

Lessons Learned and Reflections

This incident has highlighted the complexities and challenges faced by public figures in the entertainment industry. It serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining professionalism, humility, and sensitivity when engaging in public disputes. The reactions and criticisms from the public also underscore the need for comedians and entertainers to be mindful of the impact their actions and words can have on their audience and the broader community.

Q&A: Miyasako Apologizes to Arisugawa, Battle Ends

Q: What is the main topic of this article?

The main topic of this article is the ongoing feud between YouTuber Miyamoto and comedian Soda from the comedy duo Shitauke Meijou, and the latest developments in their battle.

Q: What was the trigger for the latest exchange between Miyamoto and Soda?

The trigger was Soda’s comments about Miyamoto during a TV appearance, where he referred to Miyamoto in a disrespectful manner. This led to a response from Miyamoto and Hikalru, another popular YouTuber, criticizing Soda.

Q: How did Miyamoto respond to the criticism he received?

Miyamoto acknowledged that his comments at Hikalru’s birthday event were inappropriate and apologized, saying he did not intend to claim sole credit for the program they worked on together. He also reached out to the show’s producer and his former partner to apologize.

Q: What was Soda’s reaction to Miyamoto’s apology?

Soda continued to mock Miyamoto, saying he felt bad for him but also expressing his desire to continue their “entertainment battle.” He uploaded a new video in his “One-Man Approval” series, where he evaluated Miyamoto’s actions.

Q: How did the public react to the ongoing feud between Miyamoto and Soda?

The public reaction was mixed, with some criticizing Soda’s insensitive and mean-spirited approach, while others felt that Miyamoto was being too prideful and should have handled the situation better.

Video: Miyasako apologizes to Arisumi with “Please forgive me”, battle ends, but it’s too lame!? Arisumi’s relentless fierce attack was too much! Can’t help but laugh at the harsh criticism of Miyasako from the staff… [Entertainment]

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