John Doe’s Shocking Revelation: KANON, the New School Leader, Decides to Marry Live-in Boyfriend, Overcoming Cheating Scandal – Surprising Details About the Famous ‘Adult Blue’ Group Member’s Feud

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A shocking revelation as the new school leader, KANON, decides to take the plunge into marriage with her live-in boyfriend. Overcoming a scandalous two-timing affair, their current life together is sure to captivate readers. Delve into the tumultuous backstory of a famous ‘Adult Blue’ group member’s personal strife.
  • The members of the music group “New School Leaders” are attracting attention for their personal lives, including the relationship between Kanon and her boyfriend Yuzuki Hayama from the rock band Karma.
  • There were rumors of a scandal involving Yuzuki’s alleged two-timing, but the couple was able to overcome the issue and their relationship appears to be going well.
  • The group has gained popularity both domestically and internationally, with their catchy song “Adult Blue” and their distinctive sailor uniform-style performances.
  • There have been rumors about the group’s potential disbandment or internal conflicts, but the members have denied these claims and stated that their relationships are strong.
  • The members of “New School Leaders” are estimated to have high individual incomes, with each member potentially earning over 30-40 million yen per year or even reaching the 100 million yen range due to their diverse activities and success.

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Kamon’s Relationship and Engagement with Hayama Yuzuki

Kamon’s Relationship with Hayama Yuzuki

Kamon, a member of the popular music group “New School Leaders,” has been in a relationship with Hayama Yuzuki, the vocalist and guitarist of the rock band Karma. The two started dating after Kamon reached out to Hayama on social media. However, shortly after their relationship was made public, Hayama was accused of having a second relationship with a university student named A. This caused a scandal, but the two were able to work through the issue and continue their relationship.

Kamon and Hayama’s Living Situation

Recently, it has been reported that Kamon and Hayama have started living together in a high-end condominium in Tokyo. They have reportedly rented the apartment under both of their names, and they take turns staying at each other’s places. Hayama has been seen waiting for Kamon outside the condominium when she returns home late.

Kamon and Hayama’s Future Plans

According to sources close to the couple, Kamon and Hayama have expressed a desire to get married in the future. However, they are still relatively young and are taking their time to progress their relationship. The two have been spotted going on dates, including a recent trip to Disneyland, and their relationship appears to be thriving.

The Rumors Surrounding the Disbandment of New School Leaders

Reasons for the Disbandment Rumors

There have been rumors circulating about the possible disbandment of the music group New School Leaders, which Kamon is a part of. These rumors have been fueled by the recent disbandment of the similar group Bish, as well as the group’s relatively low recognition in Japan and the controversial nature of their performances.

The Group’s Longevity and Unique Style

Despite the rumors, New School Leaders has not announced any plans for disbandment as of June 2024. The group was formed in 2015, the same year as Bish, and has been active for over 8 years, a significant milestone. The group’s unique style, featuring sailor-uniform-inspired outfits and energetic performances, has been well-received internationally, even if it has faced some criticism in Japan.

The Group’s Cohesion and Professionalism

Members of New School Leaders have stated that they maintain a close and transparent relationship, and that they are able to discuss any issues openly. The group’s longevity and continued success suggest that the members are committed to their work and to each other, dispelling rumors of internal conflicts or a potential disbandment.

The Earnings and Profiles of New School Leaders Members

The Group’s Diverse Income Streams

The members of New School Leaders have a variety of income sources, including music streaming, live performances, endorsements, royalties, YouTube advertising, and magazine appearances. The group’s global success, particularly on TikTok, has contributed to their substantial earnings, with individual members potentially earning over 30-40 million yen per year, or even exceeding 100 million yen.

The Members’ Diverse Talents and Careers

In addition to their work with New School Leaders, the group’s members have pursued various solo endeavors. Mi has released a solo album, Suzuka has acted in a drama, Kamon has worked as a DJ and producer, and Rin has launched her own fashion brand. These diverse talents and activities have further contributed to the members’ impressive earnings.

The Members’ Backgrounds and Profiles

The members of New School Leaders come from various backgrounds, with each bringing unique skills and experiences to the group. Mi, the oldest member and the group’s leader, has a background in dance. Rin is known for her distinctive hairstyle and strong dancing abilities. Suzuka is the group’s main vocalist, while Kamon, the youngest member, is praised for her fluid and beautiful dance moves.

Q&A: KAMON’s Surprise Marriage Reveal

Who is Kamon’s boyfriend?

Kamon’s boyfriend is Yuzuki Hayama, the vocalist and guitarist of the 3-piece rock band Karma.

What happened with the rumors of Yuzuki’s two-timing?

Shortly after Kamon and Yuzuki’s relationship was reported, there were rumors that Yuzuki was also involved with another woman, a university student named A. However, it was later revealed that Yuzuki had not actually been cheating, as he and Kamon were not yet in a relationship when he was seeing A.

What is the current status of Kamon and Yuzuki’s relationship?

Despite the initial two-timing rumors, Kamon and Yuzuki’s relationship has remained strong. They have even moved in together, renting a high-end apartment in Tokyo under both of their names. The two are often spotted going on dates and supporting each other’s work, with Yuzuki attending Kamon’s group performances.

What are the rumors surrounding the disbandment of Nishikko Leaders?

There have been rumors that Nishikko Leaders may disband, similar to the recent disbandment of the group Bish. However, the group has not made any official announcement about disbanding. The rumors seem to stem from the group’s relatively low recognition in Japan, as well as some criticism of their unconventional and sometimes controversial performances.

How much do the members of Nishikko Leaders earn?

The members of Nishikko Leaders are estimated to have individual annual incomes ranging from 30 to 100 million yen, or potentially even higher. Their income sources include music streaming, live performances, endorsements, and various solo activities such as modeling, acting, and fashion design.

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