The Best-Kept Secret: DJ CEO’s Shocking Marriage Reveal and Disappearance – Candid Insights on Mental Health Struggles Stun Fans as ‘Repezen’ Group Faces Imminent Dissolution

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A renowned DJ and CEO has been hiding a shocking secret – a marriage that was kept under wraps. Delve into the reasons behind his disappearance and the raw emotions he expressed about his mental health struggles. Uncover the behind-the-scenes conflicts within the ‘Reperzen’ group, as they teeter on the brink of dissolution.
  • DJ Sho-cho, the leader of the group Reperzen, has returned after a hiatus of about half a year.
  • DJ Sho-cho revealed that he had secretly gotten married and had children, which he had not disclosed previously.
  • Reperzen has faced internal conflicts, with members DJ Ginata and DJ Maru leaving the group.
  • DJ Sho-cho had disappeared for a period of time, causing concerns among fans, but he has now announced his return to performing at a festival in Indonesia.
  • Despite the group’s popularity and high earnings, DJ Sho-cho had faced financial difficulties, including a reported 10 billion yen in debt, which led to his temporary disappearance.

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The Surprising Revelation About DJ CEO’s Marriage

DJ CEO’s Confession About His Marriage and Family

In his recent appearance on the official Lepezen YouTube channel, DJ CEO revealed that he had been secretly married and had children. He apologized for hiding this information and explained that he had met a woman who changed his perspective on marriage.

The Truth Behind the Rumors of DJ CEO’s Relationships

Over the years, there have been various rumors about DJ CEO’s relationships, including a supposed marriage to YouTuber Yun and a prank engagement with Alicin. However, DJ CEO clarified that these were not true and that his official marriage partner has not been publicly revealed.

DJ CEO’s Desire to Become a Global DJ

During his appearance, DJ CEO reiterated his desire to become a global DJ, stating that he wants to leave Japan as a side project and focus on performing at major festivals around the world. He expressed his ambition to become famous and eventually return to Japan to perform in arenas.

The Uncertain Future of Lepezen

Despite the rumors of Lepezen’s impending dissolution, DJ CEO denied these claims and called for continued support for the group. He mentioned that he would like Maruto and Ginata to pursue their solo activities as part of the group’s future direction.

DJ CEO’s Disappearance and Comeback

In late 2023, DJ CEO went missing, causing concern among fans. However, he later announced that he would be returning to the group on June 6th, where he addressed the reasons behind his disappearance, including his struggles with debt and mental health.

The Impressive Financial Success of Lepezen

Based on the group’s YouTube channel statistics and DJ CEO’s own statements, it is estimated that Lepezen has been earning an annual revenue of over 200 million yen, with DJ CEO’s personal monthly YouTube earnings reaching around 18 million yen.

Q&A: The Shocking Truth: DJ CEO’s Secret Marriage and Disappearance

Q: What is the real reason behind DJ CEO’s disappearance?

A: According to the information provided, there are several possible reasons for DJ CEO’s disappearance: 1. It was a surprise stunt, as DJ CEO and the Reperzen group have done surprise stunts in the past to surprise their fans. 2. He had a massive debt of around 10 billion yen, which was putting a lot of pressure on him mentally and financially. 3. He was struggling with mental health issues, such as depression, while trying to support his group and organize events. 4. It was a prank involving the YouTuber Guardman, as they have a close relationship. 5. He was arrested due to his connection with Garushia channel’s Yoshikazu Higashitani, who was accused of defamation and threats against celebrities.

Q: What is the current status of the Reperzen group?

A: According to the information provided, the Reperzen group had previously disbanded in 2020 but then resumed activities as Reperzen Fox. They have a massive YouTube channel with over 4 million subscribers and have generated over 1.25 billion views. Their estimated annual revenue is over 100 million yen, with DJ CEO reportedly earning around 20 million yen per month from YouTube alone.

Q: What did DJ CEO reveal about his personal life during his recent return?

A: During his recent return, DJ CEO revealed that he had actually been married for the fourth time and had 5 children, which he had previously kept hidden. He also mentioned that he had met a woman who changed his perspective on marriage, and that he had proposed to Alicin, but she had declined.

Video: [Answer]: The shocking truth: DJ CEO was actually married, the reason he disappeared… His honest words about depression left everyone speechless… The real conflict between ‘Reperzen’ members and the imminent dissolution shocked everyone!

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