Yuta Jinguji’s Internal Conflict: King & Prince Member’s Mocking Attitude Leaves Fans Speechless

Number_iが内部分裂…神宮寺勇太と他メンバーで不和が起きている理由に絶句!!神宮寺の旧ジャニ、現King & Princメンバーに嘲笑的態度を撮り続ける理由に言葉を失う…【芸能】
Source: Number_iが内部分裂…神宮寺勇太と他メンバーで不和が起きている理由に絶句!!神宮寺の旧ジャニ、現King & Princメンバーに嘲笑的態度を撮り続ける理由に言葉を失う…【芸能】/芸能レジスタンス(


The internal strife within the popular Japanese idol group Number_i has captivated fans and industry insiders alike. Rumors of discord between founding member Yuta Jinguuji and his fellow bandmates have sparked intense speculation, leaving many perplexed by the apparent tensions. As the former Johnnys Entertainment talent now part of King & Prince, Jinguuji’s reported condescending attitude towards his former agency has only added to the intrigue surrounding this high-profile conflict.
  • The article discusses the internal conflict within the group Number I, which consists of former Johnny’s Entertainment members Yuta Shinjo, Shota Hiro, and Shota Hirano.
  • Yuta Shinjo, the former King & Prince member, has been receiving criticism from King & Prince fans for his comments and attitude towards the group.
  • The article suggests that Shinjo’s decision to leave King & Prince and join the new group Number I has caused a rift between him and the remaining King & Prince members, Nagase Ren and Takahashi Kaito.
  • The article also highlights Shinjo’s perceived weakness in dance skills compared to his Number I bandmates, which could become a problem as the group continues to release more complex choreography.
  • The article concludes by noting that Shinjo’s comments and actions have caused a backlash from King & Prince fans, and it remains to be seen whether the group can overcome these challenges and achieve their goal of being “three geniuses.”

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Yuta Shinjo’s Departure from King & Prince and the Formation of Number I

The Departure of Yuta Shinjo, Shota Hiraino, and Kaito Takahashi from King & Prince

Yuta Shinjo, Shota Hiraino, and Kaito Takahashi were previously members of the popular Japanese idol group King & Prince. In May 2022, the trio left the group and joined a new artist company, QBs, founded by Shuuji Takizawa. They then formed a new unit called Number I and made their debut in January 2023 with the digital single “Go.”

The Relationship Between Number I and King & Prince

Despite their departure, the relationship between Number I and the remaining King & Prince members, Ren Nagase and Kento Takahashi, seems to have improved. The two King & Prince members have expressed their support and admiration for Number I, even commenting on their performances during a TV appearance.

Yuta Shinjo’s Controversial Remarks and Criticism from Fans

However, Yuta Shinjo’s comments in a recent interview have caused controversy among King & Prince fans. Shinjo stated that the three members of Number I work well together because they have different backgrounds and perspectives, which has led to criticism from fans who feel he is disrespecting the efforts of the remaining King & Prince members.

Concerns about Yuta Shinjo’s Dance Abilities in Number I

Shinjo’s Perceived Weakness in Dancing

Despite the success of Number I’s releases, such as “Bon,” there are concerns about Yuta Shinjo’s dance abilities compared to his bandmates Shota Hiraino and Kaito Takahashi. Shinjo has reportedly struggled with dancing since his junior days, and his movements in the “Bon” choreography have been described as slightly behind the other members.

The Potential Impact on Number I’s Future Releases

Record company sources have expressed concern that Shinjo’s dance limitations may become more apparent as Number I continues to release more technically demanding choreography. This could potentially widen the gap between Shinjo and the other two members, further fueling criticism from King & Prince fans.

The Uncertain Future of Number I

Challenges Ahead for the Group

With the ongoing criticism from King & Prince fans and concerns about Yuta Shinjo’s dance abilities, the future of Number I seems uncertain. The group will need to overcome these challenges to maintain their success and popularity.

The Importance of Addressing the Concerns

It will be crucial for Number I, and particularly Yuta Shinjo, to address the concerns raised by fans and industry insiders. Improving Shinjo’s dance skills and fostering a more harmonious relationship with the King & Prince fanbase may be necessary for the group to continue their upward trajectory.

Q&A: Yuta Shinomiya’s Internal Strife

Q: What is the reason for the internal division within the group Number I?

A: According to the article, the main reason for the internal division within the group Number I is the comments made by Yuta Jinguji, a former Johnny’s and current King & Prince member. Jinguji’s comments in an interview, where he said “it’s good that it’s these three people,” were seen as disrespectful towards the former King & Prince members Shota Hiraino and Kaito Takahashi, who had left the group. This led to backlash from King & Prince fans, who felt that Jinguji’s comments undermined the efforts of Hiraino and Takahashi in maintaining the group after their departure.

Q: What is the background behind Jinguji’s controversial comments?

A: The article suggests that the background behind Jinguji’s controversial comments lies in the reasons for the members’ departure from King & Prince. While Hiraino and Takahashi had aspirations to succeed internationally, Jinguji’s reasons for leaving were not as clear-cut. This led King & Prince fans to perceive Jinguji’s comments as dismissive of the former members’ contributions to the group.

Q: How has Jinguji’s dance ability been perceived in the new group Number I?

A: According to the article, Jinguji’s dance ability has been a source of concern for Number I. Compared to his former King & Prince bandmates Hiraino and Takahashi, who are known for their strong dance skills, Jinguji has been described as having a certain “rigidity” in his movements and occasionally falling behind the other members in the group’s complex choreography. This has led to speculation that Jinguji’s weaknesses may become more apparent as Number I continues to release more technically demanding songs and performances.

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