Shocking Revelation: Daiki Arioka’s Ex-Girlfriend Exposed – Matsumoto Mao Officially Dating Hey! Say! JUMP Member Who Seriously Considered Marriage

Source: 有岡大貴が本当に結婚したかった元カノの正体に衝撃!松岡茉優と事務所公認交際で結婚まで漕ぎ着けたHey!Say!JUMPメンバーが結婚を本気で考えていた元カノと破局した真相が…【芸能】/芸能レジスタンス(


A rising star in the entertainment industry, Aritomo Daiki, has captured the hearts of fans with his personal life revelations. After a public relationship with actress Matsuoka Mayu, rumors swirl about a former flame he was truly committed to marrying. This untold story of love and heartbreak offers a glimpse into the private life of the popular Hey! Say! JUMP member.
  • The article summarizes the marriage of Daiki Arioka, a member of the Japanese idol group Hey! Say! JUMP, to actress Mayu Matsuoka.
  • It discusses Arioka’s past relationships and rumors, including with actresses Kaho, Rei Okamoto, Maimi Yajima, Haruka Shimada, and Elena Ono.
  • The article also mentions that Arioka was rumored to have been in a relationship with a non-celebrity woman named Shiori, but this was later revealed to be a false rumor.
  • The article notes that in recent years, more and more Japanese celebrities in their 30s and 40s have been getting married, such as members of the groups Arashi and Kis-My-Ft2.
  • The article suggests that more celebrity marriage announcements may be expected in the near future.

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Takaki Arioka’s Surprising Past Relationships

Relationship with Actress Kaho

Takaki Arioka and actress Kaho were rumored to have dated after co-starring in the 2005 drama “Engine.” However, there were no official reports of them being in a relationship, and it was likely just a rumor due to their previous collaboration.

Relationship with Actress and Talent Rei Okamoto

In 2009, Takaki Arioka was reportedly spotted entering a hotel with Rei Okamoto, leading to rumors of a romantic relationship. However, Okamoto denied these claims, stating that she had never met Arioka in person.

Relationship with Actress Maimi Yajima

In 2007, when Arioka was 16 and Yajima was 15, there were reports of them being spotted on a date in Yokohama and holding hands on a train. However, the agency strictly warned Arioka about this, and no further reports of their relationship surfaced.

Relationship with AKB48 Member Hama Shimada

In 2011, rumors emerged that Arioka was dating former AKB48 member Hama Shimada, as she was known to be a fan of his and had engaged in some questionable behavior to get closer to him. However, there were no official reports of them being in a relationship.

Relationship with Former AKB48 Member Elena Ono

In 2010, a photo of Arioka and Ono kissing in a purikura (photo booth) was leaked, sparking rumors of a romantic relationship. However, the authenticity of the photo was questioned, and no further reports of their relationship surfaced.

Relationship with Actress Hana Kawaguchi

In 2013, Hana Kawaguchi, who co-starred with Arioka in the drama “Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu,” expressed her admiration for him, leading to rumors of a romantic relationship. However, Kawaguchi was also rumored to be dating her co-star Ryosuke Yamada at the time, suggesting these were just promotional rumors.

Q&A: Aritomo Daiki’s Ex-Girlfriend Revealed

Who was Arioka Daiki’s ex-girlfriend before dating Matsuoka Mayu?

There is no definitive information on Arioka Daiki’s ex-girlfriends before his relationship with actress Matsuoka Mayu. Several rumors have circulated over the years, but none have been confirmed. The article mentions several women he was rumored to have dated, such as actresses Kaho, Okamoto Rei, Yajima Mami, and former AKB48 members Shimada Haka and Ono Elena, but there is no concrete evidence that he actually dated any of them.

Why did Arioka Daiki break up with his previous girlfriend before Matsuoka Mayu?

The article does not provide any information on why Arioka Daiki may have broken up with any previous girlfriends. Since there are no confirmed details on his past relationships, the reasons for any breakups are unknown.

How long have Arioka Daiki and Matsuoka Mayu been dating?

According to the article, Arioka Daiki and Matsuoka Mayu have been dating since around 2017. They reportedly moved in together shortly after their relationship was first reported in the media in 2018.

Video: The title translated to English is: Shocking revelation about Daiki Arioka’s ex-girlfriend he really wanted to marry! Hey! Say! JUMP member who achieved a public agency-approved relationship and marriage with Mao Mita was seriously considering marriage with his ex-girlfriend, and the truth behind their breakup… [Entertainment]

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