Muto Asami Furious at Nippon TV: Reasons Behind Her Salary Being Lower Than Regular Employees Despite Promotion to Executive Role, Youngest Executive in History Rumored as Next President

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Renowned news anchor Mito Asami is reportedly outraged by her salary at Nippon TV, despite her recent promotion to a senior executive role. Insiders claim the network has stifled her career advancement, sparking speculation of an impending departure. This high-profile case sheds light on the challenges faced by rising stars in Japan’s media landscape.
  • Miura Mami, a popular news anchor at Nippon TV, has been promoted to a management position, but her salary has not increased accordingly.
  • Miura’s promotion to the position of Chief Specialist, which is equivalent to a deputy department head, is considered an exceptionally fast career advancement.
  • However, Miura’s salary has not increased significantly, and she is reportedly earning less than some of her peers who have not been promoted.
  • The new personnel system at Nippon TV aims to properly evaluate and compensate high-performing employees, but it seems to have fallen short in Miura’s case.
  • Miura’s marriage to actor Nakamura Tomoya has also raised questions about her future career plans, as the demanding schedule of her morning news program may not be sustainable in the long run.

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Miura Mami’s Frustration with Nippon TV: Salary Struggles Despite Rapid Promotion

Miura Mami’s Unexpected Promotion and Salary Discrepancy

Miura Mami, a prominent Nippon TV announcer, has recently made headlines due to her rapid promotion on June 1st. She was unexpectedly elevated to the newly created management position of Chief Specialist, which is the third-highest level in the company’s new personnel system. This promotion has led to speculation that her annual salary could reach around 30 million yen, a significant increase from her previous earnings of around 15 million yen. However, Miura herself has expressed confusion and even sadness over the situation, as the salary increase does not seem to match her new managerial role.

Comparison to Other Nippon TV Employees

According to industry sources, Miura’s promotion to Chief Specialist is indeed exceptional, as she has leapfrogged over several levels in the company’s hierarchy. In comparison, Morikake Keisuke, the host of the popular program “World’s Farthest Reaches,” is only at the lower-ranking Lead Specialist level. This highlights the disproportionate nature of Miura’s advancement, which has left her perplexed about the lack of a corresponding salary increase.

Nippon TV’s New Personnel System and Its Implications

Nippon TV’s recent introduction of a new personnel system has been met with mixed reactions from its employees. The goal of the system was to better evaluate and compensate the company’s top performers, particularly younger employees who were outpacing their older counterparts. However, the case of Miura Mami suggests that the system may have fallen short in aligning job titles with appropriate salaries, leading to a potential morale issue among the staff.

Miura Mami’s Potential Future Considerations

Given the discrepancy between Miura’s new managerial title and her actual salary, it is possible that she may consider leaving Nippon TV and pursuing opportunities as a freelancer. Her strong public image, versatility in hosting various programs, and the potential for lucrative commercial endorsements could make her an attractive prospect for other media companies or even her own independent ventures.

Nippon TV’s Challenges and the Broader Industry Landscape

Nippon TV’s current situation, with the criticism surrounding the “Sexy Tanaka-san” drama controversy and the apparent dissatisfaction among its employees, suggests that the company is facing significant headwinds. This broader context may further complicate Miura Mami’s decision-making process as she navigates her career path.


The case of Miura Mami’s rapid promotion and salary struggles at Nippon TV highlights the complexities and potential pitfalls that can arise within the Japanese media industry’s personnel management practices. As Miura contemplates her next steps, the outcome of her situation will likely have broader implications for Nippon TV and the industry as a whole.

Q&A: Muto Asami Furious at Nippon TV: Underpaid Despite Youngest Executive

Q: What is the reason behind Miura Mami’s anger towards Nippon TV?

A: According to the text, Miura Mami, a prominent Nippon TV announcer, was recently promoted to a management position called “Chief Specialist” in a new personnel system introduced by the company. However, despite this rapid promotion, her salary did not increase proportionately, and she is reportedly confused and saddened by this situation, as she is now being perceived by others as earning a salary of around 30 million yen, which is not the case.

Q: What is the reason behind Miura Mami’s potential consideration of leaving Nippon TV?

A: The text suggests that while Miura Mami has always been vocal about her loyalty to Nippon TV, the lack of a significant salary increase despite her special management position, coupled with the negative attitudes from veteran employees who had their evaluations lowered, may make her feel that she can no longer continue working there comfortably. Additionally, her marriage to actor Nakamura Tomoya may also lead her to consider a freelance career that would allow her more flexibility and potentially higher earnings.

Q: How does Miura Mami’s current work situation at Nippon TV compare to her potential future as a freelancer?

A: The text suggests that if Miura Mami were to become a freelancer, she would likely be able to earn over 100 million yen per year, which would be significantly more than her current salary at Nippon TV. Her versatility as a presenter, her high public profile, and the good relationship she maintains with the network would make her an attractive prospect for various job opportunities, including commercial appearances. The text also notes that Miura Mami has never considered leaving Nippon TV in the past, but the current situation may prompt her to reconsider her options.

Video: Muto Asami is furious at Nippon TV… Reasons for being speechless about being paid less than a regular employee despite being promoted to an executive position! Reasons why it is said that the company has put shackles on her, despite being rumored to be the next president of Nippon TV as the youngest executive in history, and attempts to prevent her independence… [Entertainment]

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