Kep1er’s Masiro Embroiled in Ongoing Feud with JYP: Shocking Revelations about Strained Relationship with NiziU Members

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Kep1er’s Masiro has been embroiled in an ongoing feud with JYP, the renowned K-pop agency. The details of this discord with NiziU members have left many speechless. The surprising career path of this former Kep1er idol after their departure from the K-pop scene has sparked widespread astonishment.
  • Kep1er, a popular K-pop girl group, is nearing the end of their contract as a 9-member group.
  • Members Xiaoting, Choi Yujin, and Hikaru have agreed to extend their contract with Wakeone, while Sakamoto Mashiro and Ezaki Hikaru are expected to join the expanding girl group Limelight.
  • Sakamoto Mashiro, a former JYP Entertainment trainee, had a close relationship with Nizi Project member Mako, who also auditioned for JYP.
  • Mashiro and Mako’s reunion on stage at the Kep1er concert has been a touching moment for fans, reflecting their shared history and bond.
  • As Kep1er’s activities come to an end, fans are excited to see what the future holds for Mashiro, Hikaru, and the rest of the members.

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Sakamoto Mako’s Journey from JYP to Kep1er

Sakamoto Mako’s Audition Journey

Sakamoto Mako, a member of the popular K-pop group Kep1er, had an impressive journey to the top. She initially auditioned for JYP Entertainment’s 12th public audition in 2016 and was selected as the second-place finalist, becoming a JYP trainee. Mako’s dance skills and visuals made her a standout candidate, and she soon caught the attention of fellow trainee Sakamoto Hikaru.

Sakamoto Mako’s Departure from JYP

However, in 2018, Mako decided to leave JYP Entertainment, as she was not selected to debut with the company’s new girl group, Twice. This was a significant turning point in her career, as she then joined the 143 Entertainment agency and participated in the survival show Girls Planet 999, where she ultimately debuted as a member of Kep1er.

Sakamoto Mako and Sakamoto Hikaru’s Reunion

Mako’s journey intersected with that of her former JYP trainee, Sakamoto Hikaru, when the two were reunited on the stage of the Kep1er concert in May 2022. The emotional reunion of the two former JYP trainees was celebrated by their fans, who were touched by the bond they had forged during their time at the agency.

Kep1er’s Upcoming Disbandment and Members’ Future Plans

Kep1er’s Contract Expiration and Potential Disbandment

Kep1er, the nine-member girl group formed through the survival show Girls Planet 999, is facing the end of their contract. Rumors have been circulating that the group may disband after their upcoming Japan concert scheduled for July 2024.

Sakamoto Mako and Ezaki Hikaru’s Departure from Kep1er

Two of Kep1er’s members, Sakamoto Mako and Ezaki Hikaru, have already announced their plans to leave the group and join the expanding girl group Limelight after Kep1er’s contract expires.

Remaining Kep1er Members’ Contract Extension

However, the remaining seven Kep1er members, including Xiaoting, Choi Yujin, and Huening Bahiyyih, have agreed to extend their contract with the agency, ensuring that fans can continue to enjoy the group’s performances for the time being.

The Future of Sakamoto Mako and Ezaki Hikaru

Sakamoto Mako and Ezaki Hikaru’s Move to Limelight

Sakamoto Mako and Ezaki Hikaru’s decision to join Limelight after leaving Kep1er has generated a lot of excitement among their fans. Limelight is an expanding girl group that has been gaining attention, and the addition of these two talented members is expected to further boost the group’s popularity.

Anticipation for Sakamoto Mako and Ezaki Hikaru’s Future Endeavors

As Kep1er’s contract nears its end, fans are eagerly awaiting to see what the future holds for Sakamoto Mako and Ezaki Hikaru. Their move to Limelight and their continued growth as artists will undoubtedly be closely followed by their dedicated fanbase.

The Lasting Impact of Sakamoto Mako and Ezaki Hikaru’s Friendship

The bond between Sakamoto Mako and Ezaki Hikaru, forged during their time at JYP Entertainment and further strengthened through their shared experiences in the K-pop industry, has left a lasting impact on their fans. Their emotional reunion on the Kep1er stage is a testament to the enduring friendship and mutual admiration that has defined their journey.

Q&A: Kep1er’s Masiro: JYP Feud Continues

Kep1er’s Shen Xiaoting and Ezaki Hikaru’s Future Plans

According to reports, Kep1er members Shen Xiaoting and Ezaki Hikaru will be leaving the group as their 2.5-year contract expires. They are expected to join the expanding girl group Limelight, which has an open-ended membership. While an official announcement has not been made, the rumors seem credible. Fans are excited to see what Shen and Ezaki will bring to Limelight.

Kep1er’s Contract Extension and Upcoming Japan Concert

Kep1er has announced that the remaining 7 members have extended their contract until 2024. This is great news for fans, as the group’s disbandment was previously rumored. Kep1er’s final activities as a 9-member group will be a concert in Japan from July 13-15, 2024, which is expected to be their last performance together.

Sakamoto Mashiro’s Connection to JYP and NiziU’s Mako

Kep1er member Sakamoto Mashiro had previously been a JYP trainee and was a candidate to debut with the group. She left JYP in 2018 and later joined Kep1er. NiziU’s Mako was also a JYP trainee and was inspired by Sakamoto to audition for the agency. The two share a close bond from their time at JYP.

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