The Shocking Truth Behind Eiko Koike’s Childlessness: Her Father’s Controversial Profession, Questionable Nationality, and the Bankruptcy of Her Family’s ‘Shinjuku Field Hospital’ – Where the Actress Starred

Source: 【驚愕】小池栄子に子供がいない本当の理由...父親のヤバすぎる職業や本当の国籍に言葉を失う...『新宿野戦病院』で主演を務める女優の実家倒産や夫の3億の借金...激痩せした難病に驚きを隠せない.../号外ダブルパンチ(


Beneath the glitz and glamour of her acting career, the life of renowned actress Eiko Koike has been shrouded in mystery. Delve into the shocking revelations about her family’s troubled past, her husband’s staggering debt, and the personal health battles that have tested her resilience. Uncover the untold story that will leave you captivated.
  • Eiko Koike, a former gravure idol and current actress and TV personality, is rumored to be of Korean descent, but she has not confirmed this.
  • Koike’s grandfather was a wealthy businessman who owned a leisure park and a pachinko parlor, which led to the misconception that she is of Korean descent.
  • Koike’s husband, Wataru Sakada, has faced financial troubles, including a 300 million yen debt, and has been criticized for his poor behavior and language towards Koike.
  • Koike is believed to be childless due to reasons such as infertility treatment, her busy work schedule, and her husband’s financial troubles.
  • Koike has lost a significant amount of weight, which has raised concerns, but this may be due to her strict diet, the stress of infertility treatment, or her demanding work schedule.

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Sakada Wataru’s Debt and Domestic Issues

Sakada Wataru’s Massive Debt

Sakada Wataru, Eiko Koike’s husband, has faced significant financial troubles. In 2006, he borrowed 570 million yen from a pachinko-related company to open a restaurant. However, the company’s owner had tax evasion issues, and the claim was seized by the National Tax Agency. Sakada refused to repay the debt, leading to a court order in 2014 to pay the full amount. His restaurant business failed, and he later opened franchise stores and a salad bar, but the debt continued to balloon, reaching 300 million yen by 2016.

Sakada Wataru’s Abusive Behavior

Sakada Wataru is also known for his foul language and abusive behavior towards Eiko Koike. He has been reported to frequently engage in heated arguments, refusing to speak to Eiko for a week, and even insulting her by comparing her to a “cat pig” when he sees her sleeping. Despite this, Eiko has not filed for divorce, with speculation that she still loves him or has a submissive personality.

Eiko Koike’s Successful Career and Health Concerns

Eiko Koike’s Successful Acting Career

Eiko Koike has had a successful career as an actress and television personality. She has appeared in various dramas and variety shows, with an estimated annual income of 50-70 million yen. Her income has been crucial in helping to repay Sakada’s debts.

Eiko Koike’s Dramatic Weight Loss

Eiko Koike has experienced significant weight loss, which has raised concerns among her fans. Possible reasons for her dramatic weight loss include a strict diet, the stress of infertility treatment, and her demanding work schedule. However, her current health status remains uncertain.

Eiko Koike’s Childlessness

Despite being married for over 15 years, Eiko Koike and Sakada Wataru do not have any children. Speculated reasons include infertility, Eiko’s enjoyment of her career, Sakada’s debt burden, and Eiko’s desire to wait until the age of 40 to have children, as advised by a psychic.

Q&A: The Shocking Truth About Eiko Koike’s Childlessness

Keiko Kitagawa’s Childlessness

A: There are several reasons why Keiko Kitagawa does not have children. First, it is rumored that she has been undergoing infertility treatment, though this has not been confirmed. Second, her busy work schedule as an actress and TV personality may leave little time for starting a family. Third, her husband’s financial troubles, including significant debt, may have made it difficult for the couple to consider having children. Fourth, Kitagawa reportedly denied wanting children until the age of 40, potentially delaying her plans. Finally, there were rumors of a strained relationship with her husband, but recent social media posts suggest they are still happily together.

Keiko Kitagawa’s Dramatic Weight Loss

A: Keiko Kitagawa’s dramatic weight loss has raised concerns among her fans. The main reasons for her drastic slimming are believed to be: 1) her strict dieting and exercise regimen, as she has been known to be very disciplined about her diet; 2) potential stress from rumored infertility treatments; 3) the possibility of an underlying health condition; and 4) her demanding work schedule, which may have taken a toll on her health. While her slimmer figure has raised worries, Kitagawa appears to still maintain a healthy and attractive appearance.

Keiko Kitagawa’s Husband’s Debt Issues

A: Keiko Kitagawa’s husband, Wataru Sakada, has faced significant financial troubles, including accumulating over 300 million yen in debt. This debt stemmed from failed business ventures, such as opening a restaurant and a pro wrestling organization. Sakada’s reckless spending and poor business decisions have been a source of criticism, while Kitagawa has reportedly been responsible for repaying the majority of the debt through her acting earnings.

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