Wakaba Wayo’s Terminal Cancer Battle…Hiroshi Itsuki’s Devoted Support Leaves Speechless…Former Actress’ Children from ‘This Love Story’ Revealed…Shocking Truths About Nude Exposé and True Nationality…

Source: 和由布子の余命宣告の癌闘病...夫・五木ひろしが献身的に支える姿に言葉を失う...『この愛の物語』で活躍した元女優の子供達の現在...ヌード披露の真相や本当の国籍に驚きを隠せない.../昭和ロードショー(


A former actress, Yuko Wanyu, faces a terminal cancer diagnosis. Her devoted husband, Hiroshi Itsuki, stands by her side, inspiring awe. Their children, once in the spotlight, now lead private lives, sparking curiosity about their current circumstances and the truth behind Yuko’s past.
  • Kazuko Wada, a former actress, retired from the entertainment industry after marrying Hiroshi Itsuki.
  • Rumors have surfaced that Kazuko Wada is currently battling an illness, but there is no confirmed information about her health condition.
  • Kazuko Wada’s children, including her son Daisuke Matsuyama who works at Universal Music Group, and her daughter Kasumi Matsuyama, an artist, have successful careers.
  • Hiroshi Itsuki, Kazuko Wada’s husband, is very supportive of his wife and family, and they have a close-knit relationship.
  • Despite Kazuko Wada’s retirement from the entertainment industry, she continues to support her husband’s career and activities, including participating in his marathon events.

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Kazuko Ibe’s Courageous Cancer Battle and Hiroshi Itsuki’s Unwavering Support

Kazuko Ibe’s Remarkable Acting Career

Kazuko Ibe began her acting career in the early 1980s, making her debut in an NHK drama in 1983. She went on to star in various television dramas and films, earning critical acclaim and winning the Japan Academy Prize for Best New Actor in 1984 for her role in the film “Makeup.” Despite her successful career, Kazuko Ibe decided to retire from the entertainment industry in 1990 to support her husband, Hiroshi Itsuki.

Kazuko Ibe’s Wealthy Family Background

Rumors suggest that Kazuko Ibe’s family was quite wealthy, as she attended the prestigious Keio Girls’ School, known for its high tuition fees. This prestigious school has produced many notable alumnae, including Tetsuko Kuroyanagi and Haruhi Kato. Hiroshi Itsuki has also mentioned that Kazuko Ibe was more knowledgeable about classical music than he was, hinting at her upbringing in a refined, affluent household.

Kazuko Ibe and Hiroshi Itsuki’s Whirlwind Romance

Kazuko Ibe and Hiroshi Itsuki met while co-starring in a stage production, and their relationship quickly blossomed. Itsuki was immediately smitten with Ibe and eventually confessed his feelings through a passionate love letter. The couple’s engagement and wedding were announced in quick succession, with their lavish wedding reception reportedly costing around 500 million yen, a record-breaking amount at the time.

Kazuko Ibe and Hiroshi Itsuki’s Children

Kazuko Ibe and Hiroshi Itsuki have three children together: a son named Daisuke Matsuyama, who works in the music industry; a son named Kei Matsuyama, who is an artist; and a daughter named Kanako Matsuyama, who briefly appeared in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 special event.

Hiroshi Itsuki’s Unwavering Support for Kazuko Ibe

Despite the rumors of Kazuko Ibe’s illness, there is no concrete evidence that she is currently suffering from a serious disease. Hiroshi Itsuki has spoken about his wife’s role in supporting his career, managing his schedule, and even accompanying him to medical appointments due to his own phobias. The couple’s strong bond and Itsuki’s dedication to his wife’s well-being suggest that Kazuko Ibe is likely in good health, and the couple continues to enjoy a fulfilling life together.

Kazuko Ibe and Hiroshi Itsuki’s Enduring Love

After over 30 years of marriage, Kazuko Ibe and Hiroshi Itsuki’s relationship remains strong and supportive. Itsuki has expressed his deep gratitude for Ibe’s unwavering support, both in his career and personal life. The couple’s devotion to each other and their family is a testament to the enduring power of their love.

Q&A: Yuko Wanyu’s Cancer Battle: Hiroshi Itsuki’s Devotion

Q: What is the background of Kazuko Ando’s family?

A: Kazuko Ando is rumored to have come from a wealthy family. This is likely due to the fact that she attended Keio Girls’ School, a prestigious private school in Japan where tuition is around 1 million yen per year. The high cost of this school suggests that Kazuko’s family had significant financial resources.

Q: What is the truth about Kazuko Ando’s nationality?

A: There were rumors that Kazuko Ando was of Korean descent, but this turned out to be a misconception. Her husband Hiroshi Ito’s father was actually of Korean origin, but Kazuko herself is a Japanese national.

Q: What are Kazuko Ando’s children doing now?

A: Kazuko Ando and Hiroshi Ito have three children – a son named Daisuke who works at Universal Music Group in Hong Kong, a son named Katsumi who is an artist based in London, and a daughter named Kanako who works at a regular company after graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University.

Q: Is Kazuko Ando currently suffering from a serious illness?

A: There were rumors that Kazuko Ando was suffering from a serious illness, but this appears to be unfounded. She has simply chosen to stay out of the public eye since retiring from acting, leading to speculation about her health. However, her husband Hiroshi Ito has stated that she is healthy and supports him in his career.

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