Ikue Sakakibara’s Furious Confession After Toru Watanabe’s Death: The Shocking Identity of the Repeated Mistress of the Celebrity Couple Known as the “Lovebirds”

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Renowned celebrity couple Sakakibara Ikue and Watanabe Toru, known for their seemingly perfect marriage, hid a dark secret – a long-standing affair that shocked the public. As Watanabe’s passing unveiled the truth, Sakakibara’s candid revelations shed light on the complex dynamics that allowed their relationship to endure despite the infidelity.
  • Sakakibara Ikue revealed her anger after the death of Watanabe Toru, her long-time unfaithful partner, and was shocked by the identity of his repeated mistress.
  • Watanabe Toru, known as part of the “loving couple” with Sakakibara, passed away at the young age of 61 due to multiple organ failure.
  • Despite the couple’s reputation, they had faced divorce crises due to Watanabe’s infidelity, which included affairs with a 27-year-old model and an actress from his theater troupe.
  • Sakakibara did not divorce Watanabe, partly due to the influence of his mother, who urged her not to abandon their sons, and Sakakibara’s own desire to care for her ailing mother-in-law.
  • Sakakibara also accepted Watanabe’s infidelity by receiving expensive gifts as a form of apology, which became an unspoken rule in their marriage.

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The Tragic Life of Toru Watanabe

Toru Watanabe’s Early Career and Rise to Fame

Toru Watanabe was a renowned Japanese actor who gained popularity in the 1980s. Born on May 12, 1961, in Ibaraki Prefecture, he graduated from the Bungakuza Theater Company’s training program and quickly made a name for himself. He landed his breakout role as a rookie detective in the popular TV drama “Taiyō ni Hoero!” and soon became a popular singer, releasing several albums and appearing on music shows and commercials.

Watanabe’s Tumultuous Personal Life

Despite his successful career, Watanabe’s personal life was marked by a series of scandals. In 1993, his affair with a 27-year-old model was exposed, leading to a public apology. This was followed by another incident in 2004, where he was caught with a female actor at a hotel in Osaka. Watanabe’s wife, Ikue Sakakibara, struggled with his infidelity, and the couple even faced the threat of divorce at one point.

Watanabe’s Declining Health and Untimely Passing

In the later years of his life, Watanabe’s health began to deteriorate. He was diagnosed with heart disease and struggled with weight fluctuations, at one point reaching 130 kg. Despite these challenges, Sakakibara remained a devoted wife, supporting Watanabe through his health issues and even caring for his ailing mother. Tragically, Watanabe passed away on November 28, 2022, at the age of 61, due to complications from his heart condition.

Ikue Sakakibara’s Emotional Revelation

Sakakibara’s Recollection of Marital Disputes

After Watanabe’s death, his wife, Ikue Sakakibara, made a candid appearance on a television program, sharing details about their tumultuous marriage. She recounted instances of heated arguments, where Watanabe would even try to lock her in their room to prevent her from leaving.

Sakakibara’s Reasons for Staying in the Marriage

Despite Watanabe’s infidelity and the threat of divorce, Sakakibara chose to remain in the marriage. She revealed that Watanabe’s mother, Nobuko, had pleaded with her not to abandon her son, which played a significant role in her decision. Additionally, Sakakibara found comfort in the material gifts Watanabe would provide as a form of apology, which became an unspoken agreement between the couple.

The Enduring Love and Devotion of the Couple

Despite the challenges they faced, Watanabe and Sakakibara’s relationship was marked by a deep, enduring love. Sakakibara’s unwavering support and care for her husband, even during his declining health, demonstrated the strength of their bond. Their story serves as a poignant reminder that even the most tumultuous relationships can be sustained through love, forgiveness, and a commitment to one another.

Q&A: Ikue Sakakibara’s Fury After Toru Watanabe’s Death

Q: What is the background of Toru Watanabe, the actor who was known as part of the “loving couple” with Ikue Sakakibara?

A: Toru Watanabe was an actor who was born on May 12, 1961 in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. He graduated from the Bungakuza training program and was launched as the “second Nakamura Masato.” He quickly gained popularity after being cast in the role of a rookie detective in the TV drama “Taiyō ni Hoero.” In addition to acting in dramas, he also released popular music albums and appeared on music shows and in commercials.

Q: What happened with Watanabe’s extramarital affairs and his relationship with his wife Ikue Sakakibara?

A: Watanabe’s first affair was revealed in 1993, when a 27-year-old model exposed their relationship. He later had another affair in 2004 with an actress, which was also exposed. Despite these infidelities, Sakakibara did not divorce Watanabe, partly due to the influence of his mother, who urged Sakakibara not to abandon their sons.

Q: How did Sakakibara cope with Watanabe’s affairs, and what was the reason they ultimately did not divorce?

A: Sakakibara was troubled by Watanabe’s womanizing from the beginning of their marriage. She even considered divorce at one point, but his mother’s pleas to not abandon their sons, as well as Watanabe showering Sakakibara with expensive gifts as apologies, led them to stay together. Sakakibara also cared for Watanabe’s ailing mother, which further strengthened their bond.

Video: Sakakibara Ikue’s Angry Confession After Watanabe Toru’s Death, Speechless at the True Identity of the Repeated Adultery Partner… The Cause of the Celebrity Couple Known as the “Lovebirds” Avoiding Divorce Despite Their Sordid Affair Leaves One Astonished…

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